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Yuhi Kurenai

Yuhi Kurenai is a jounin and team leader of Hinata, Shino and Kiba. She is a genjutsu master who is able to both disable and attack her enemies with illusions.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: Team 8 Scouting at its Best

Cherry Blossom Suffocation

Kurenai suffocates her victims with illusionary cherry blossoms dealing 10 damage for 3 turns to all enemies. During this time if Plant Form Attack is used on an affected target, Plant Form Attack will also stun the target for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 3
Chakra required:
 Classes: Mental, Action, Ranged

Plant Form Attack

Yuhi Kurenai attacks one enemy dealing 20 damage to them. If the enemy is affected by Cherry Blossom Suffocation, their physical or ranged skills will also be stunned for one turn.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Mental, Instant, Melee

Tree Bind Death

May be used on any ally including Kurenai for 1 turn. The first enemy who uses a skill on that ally has their chakra or melee skills stunned for 3 turns.* During that time that enemy will take double damage from mental skills.* These effects ignore invulnerability and end when Kurenai dies. This skill is invisible.
 Cooldown: 3
Chakra required:
 Classes: Mental, Instant, Ranged*

Vanishing Illusion

This skill makes Yuhi Kurenai invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Mental, Instant
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she is more useful now >:)

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This is a new clan ''Edo Tensei Shinobi Path'' which recruit only good active players and I would really like you to join us and help us to climb our clan to the top!
We are up to 26 level in two weeks thanks to our active and loyal members.
We are also helping u to finish your missions with telling you the best possible teams for that and also we personally (someone of Leaders or your subordinate from clan) can play for a desired avatars(if they have time for that at the moment).
You must have a minimum Streak +10 and we receive all ranks and you must have Win percentage over 75%.
Also it would be good to play at least 5-10 matches per day and for example if you have difficulty in leveling for Jounin to resolve mission planed for that rank you dont have to play Ladder Game until you complete all the missions you want.
And for everything else you do not understand we have clan chat ----------><---------- where u can ask other clan members what ever u want :D.
And one more thing to say, because we are a new clan we do not have yet a forum and whoever was interested to deal with that and all other creations (avatars, clan activity,tournamets...) may be promoted to leader of clan :D.
PS: If u are interested PM me and USE CLAN CHAT WHEN EVER U ARE ONLINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Any good teams for hinata shino and kiba?

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hey guys, we are Infinite Tskuyomi !!! a new clan just start up week ago :smile We just start with 5 members and still recruiting more members to join us.....


-least chunin or level 11
-have at least +5 highest streak
-active twice a week
-respect other members

we also can help with mission and give team to rank you up. If you don't meet the requirement and still want to join us just send massage to me or other leader join in :laugh

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Win 6 battles with Inuzuka Kiba versus any Mist Ninja. (2/6)
Win 10 battles with Hyuuga Hinata versus any Sand Ninja. (10/10)
Win 15 battles with Aburame Shino versus any Sound Ninja. (9/15)

please useninja mist and sound!!!!!:blink

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meu clan esta recrutando, estamos no nivel 17 e subindo se vc quer entrar manda um mp, so precisa ter 50% de aproveitamento...

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Hey there! If you're a fan of Naruto, why not come play a game for it? You can scale through the ranks from Genin to eventually becoming a Sannin! Why not even go farther and be a Kage of a Village? Come give it a shot today! We look foward to seeing you there! Just go to freeto(dot)b1(dot)jcink(dot)com

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Win 6 battles with Inuzuka Kiba versus any Mist Ninja. (6/6)
Win 10 battles with Hyuuga Hinata versus any Sand Ninja. (10/10)
Win 15 battles with Aburame Shino versus any Sound Ninja. (10/15)


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Clã LastWay

Estamos recrutando você missing-nin +
para participar do nosso clã.
Clã level 22.

Requerimentos para entrar no clã:

Ter sido no minimo missing-nin

Ter feito no minimo +7

Jogar pelo menos 3 vezes na semana.

Iremos analisar o Ratio dos que querem participar
mas nada muito preocupante pois estamos começando :D

Venha participar do clã em que eu e meu irmão
colocamos no level 22 sozinhos. =D

Contamos com a sua ajuda, esperaremos os seus pms

Adm: Shizuku_kanata

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Uchiha Legacy siempre esta buscando Ninjas que tengan aspiraciones grandes y deseos de triunfar, jugadores con impetu, ganas y sobretodo pero sobre todo talento que pueda ser explotado al 100% dentro del clan.
No solo perteneceras aun Clan sino a una familia llena de armonia con la que puedas contar en las buenas y en las malas

Requisitos para unirse:

En las siguientes líneas, vamos a explicar cuáles son los requisitos para inscribirse. Debe disponer de los mismos-o más requisitos para participar. De lo contrario, será rechazada de inmediato.

Más alto nivel-21. Minum con un porcentaje de victorias del 50%

-Mejor racha: 10

-Sea activo y paciente. (Es decir, no queremos que usted haga todos los días para ser líder, moderador, etc.)

-Respetar el español o el idioma. No se puede hablar otro idioma que no sea esa.

manden un mensaje a


si quieren unirce o entren al xat seria mas facil

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lucas30 wrote:
o que, que é mist ninja ?
:mad :mad :mad :mad

É ninja da aldeia da névoa

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