We are back!

Friday, June 1, 2007 at 08:29 by Mark

Update: There was an error in the registration of new accounts, making it impossible to register. The bug is now fixed. 

Dear Members,

As you all have probably noticed, Naruto-Arena has been down for some time due to a major server crash. Finally, after a few days of full time stress and hard work, we are back online!

Although we are happy to be back online, we now have some very, very bad news to break:

We lost all user data.

That’s right, our worst fears have come to life. We have lost all recent member accounts, ladder information and unlocked character information.

Since there is no way to prove which characters you had, it's impossible for us to unlock the characters for you as an individual member. Nor do we find unlocking all characters for everyone a good idea. But since we lost the hard work of many people, we definitely have something to make up for.

That’s why we came up with the following compensation:

During the course of the next two weeks, we will give all players the opportunity to earn back their characters more easily. Although you will still have to re-earn your characters, we will make the mission approximately four times less time-consuming.

On top of this we have added four new unlockable characters! (That’s right, finally some good news!) To unlock these characters, new missions have been added within the existing mission chains.

avatarselectionKyuubi Naruto
Drawing upon the strength of the Kyuubi demon sealed inside him, the power of Naruto explodes, and he becomes a virtual army onto himself.

saskpicCursed Seal Sasuke
When Sasuke releases the full power of his cursed seal his body and chakra become a twisted vision of his inner self and his strength is amplified greatly.

hokage1Shodaime Hokage
The First Hokage and the founder of the Hidden Village of Konoha, Shodaime has the ability to create and manipulate tree’s. This ability to give life shows the extent of his power.


Nidaime Hokage
Nidaime is the second Hokage and the grand uncle of Tsunade, He is very skilled at water jutsu, requiring no water source to perform them.

We hope the temporarily reduced difficulty of the mission and the prospect of playing with these four amazing new characters will motivate you to give it an other crack at Naruto-Arena.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this great inconvenience,

the Naruto-Arena Staff.

Luapman Addendum: Couple bugs fixed. Neji's 64 Palms disables defense and Kyuubi Naruto's mission is now in the Serve Until Death mission section and can now be done.

Also note that for many mission goals you can only get 1 win from it. So if you defeat a team of 3 konoha nin with Sasuke you will only get one win towards your goal. Don't ask me why but this is how it seems to work. 

All four new characters are now added to the unlocked character section of the forums and the characters and skills section of the game manual.

Sakon's Parasite Demon Technique and Kakashi's Raikiri should be working properly again.

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we are back!

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