The Odd Couple

Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 09:19 by Luapman

2/13/09 Balance Changes: Nerfs: Kakuzu, Shizune
1/31/09 Balance Changes:
Boosts: Lee, Neji, Oro (S), CSS. Nerfs: Deidara, Sai, Tsunade.
1/28/09 Balance Changes: A large laundry list, please see it all here: Here
Minor alterations to Hidan and Orochimaru (S).
1/26/09: Fix: Hidan
1/23/09 Balance Changes: Boosts: Hidan

The next Akatsuki team is here! Let me introduce you to Hidan and Kakuzu! Hidan uses his faith and immortality to turn his enemies' attacks back on themselves while Kakuzu has many different combat options at his fingertips.

Hidan is a member of Akatsuki and a worshiper of the obscure god Jashin. He is apparently immortal and has perhaps the foulest mouth of the entire criminal organization.

A missing-nin of mysterious talents and a member of Akatsuki, Kakuzu is certainly older than he appears. He seems to only be concerned with money and the bounties which provide him with it.


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