The Next Characters

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 06:50 by Luapman

UPDATE 8/21: Raikiri's chakra cost has been altered, but it's cooldown has returned.

Also the new characters and their missions will be out within the next 24 hours. They consist of Iruka, whose skills most closely resemble Zaku; Shigure, whose skills most closely resemble Nidaime; the Demon Brothers; whose skills most closely resemble Gaara; and Oboro, whose skills most closely resemble Haku. Look forward to it!

UPDATE 8/16: The new characters should be out in just a couple days now.

Also, the damage of Raikiri was lowered but its cooldown has been removed, and the cooldown of Gentle Fist was increased.


Holla! I've decided to do something a little different and give the players an opportunity to add to the landscape of Naruto-Arena. Before I move on to Shippuuden, the last characters will be done by player submission and collaboration with myself. You will find the thread on the forums here:



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