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The Player Card!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 20:54 by gametester
Balance Update: Aburame Shino's bug wall and Temari's Dust wind have its cooldown increased.
Update: An Reset account option is added. If you are not happy with your stats you can now completely reset them and start all over with the same name.
Update: You now have the option to hide your characters in the player card! You can find it on the My Player Card page.
Update: The player card is now shown in the profile of a player.

Yes! It's done! The Player card is now available in the control panel of your account. The Player card is a nice image that you can use as a signature on different sites and forums. It shows your up-to-date account information and it's an excellent way to show-off your account!

Here is an example of my Player Card:

Join The Naruto Online Multiplayer Game

As you can see it contains your avatar, playername, ninjarank, ladderrank, record (wins/losses), streak and your current team.

We hope you like this feature. It can also be used on our forums that will hopefully come in a couple of days.

Have Fun,

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