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A member of team Gai, Tenten is a somewhat tomboyish weapon specialist who believes a kunoichi can be as strong as a male ninja. In battle, Tenten surrounds the battlefield in weapons, using them both for damage and to disable her opponents.
Requirement to unlock: No requirements

Twin Rising Dragons

Tenten deals 25 damage to one enemy, and 10 to all other enemies. All enemies will receive 10 additional damage from 'Twin Rising Dragons Trap' and will have their physical and chakra damage lowered by an additional 10 from it. This skill cannot be countered.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Ranged, Instant

Twin Rising Dragons Trap

Tenten deals 10 damage to all enemies. For 1 turn, their physical and chakra damage will be lowered by 5. All stacks of 'Twin Rising Dragons' will be removed from all targets afterwards. This skill cannot be countered.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Ranged, Instant

Twin Rising Dragons Full Release

Tenten jumps to the sky, becoming invulnerable to all non-mental skills for 1 turn. During this time, 'Twin Rising Dragons' will apply its non-damage effect twice and the damage reduction effect of 'Twin Rising Dragons Trap' will last an additional turn.
 Cooldown: 1
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant

Spiked Boulder Wall

This skill makes Tenten invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant
Posted on March 8, 2012 at 01:04

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Hola, saludos a todos!!! unanse a este clan que recien esta creado, por el momento no hay

requisitos, se lama "Avengers of the Leaf" y yo soy el creador.
Al integrarse, ustedes se beneficiaran de lo siguiente:
- Si tu cuenta te la robaron o hackearon, yo la recuperare
- Equipos buenos para levear la cuenta o realizar misiones
- Orientación sobre el uso de los personajes
- Posición en mi pagina de youtube, que sera un pelea grabada y se hará famoso
- Ayuda a subirle la cuenta de level de Naruto Arena

*Los interesados, me mandan un mensaje de Naruto Arena a mi cuenta de "rencan" :push :push
Link o página del Clan:

Hello, greetings to all! Join this clan recently been set up at the moment there are no

requirements, licks "Avengers of the Leaf" and I am the creator.
By joining, you will benefit from the following:
- If your account stolen or hacked you, I will recover
- Equipment good for leveling the account or carry out
- Guidance on the use of the characters
- Position on my youtube page, which will be a fight recorded and become famous
- Help to raise your level account of Naruto Arena

* Those interested, send me a message of Naruto Arena to my account "rencan" :push :push
Link or page of the Clan:

Olá, saudações a todos! Aderir a este clã recentemente foi criada no momento não há nenhuma

exigência, licks "Vingadores da folha" e eu sou o criador.
Ao aderir, você será beneficiado com o seguinte:
- Se sua conta roubada ou hackeada você, eu vou recuperar
- Equipamento bom para o nivelamento da conta ou efectuem
- Orientações sobre a utilização dos caracteres
- Posição na minha página do youtube, que vai ser uma luta gravada e se tornar famoso
- Ajuda a aumentar a sua conta de nível de Naruto Arena
* Os interessados??, me envie uma mensagem de Arena Naruto para a minha conta "rencan"

:push :push
Link ou página do Clã:

Hallo, Grüße an alle! An dieser Clan bis vor kurzem für den Moment nicht gesetzt
Anforderungen, lama "Rächer der Leaf" und ich bin der Schöpfer.
Mit dem Beitritt, werden Sie aus der folgenden Vorteile:
- Wenn Ihr Account gestohlen oder gehackt du, werde ich wieder
- Ausstattung gut für die Nivellierung des Kontos oder durchführen
- Anleitung für den Gebrauch der Zeichen
- Setzen Sie auf meinem YouTube-Seite, die einen Kampf aufgenommen und werde berühmt sein

- Helfen Sie Ihrem Niveau wegen der Naruto-Arena erheben

* Wer daran interessiert, senden Sie mir eine Nachricht von Naruto Arena auf mein Konto

"rencan" :push :push
Link-Seite oder im Clan:

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 14:09

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:smile :smile :smile

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 21:25

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use hidan please

Posted on March 12, 2012 at 07:39

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I am a new clan just made i am looking for people who luv to play this game i have been playing a while now soon every one in a arena will know the name NARUTO NEW 6 PATHS.

this is only for people that dont like boring clans and just wanna have fun with cool people and people that will be about to have fun.

The only thing that u need to join is.....
must be at least a cool person
respect the rule i put out there
have a 5 win streak
5 people unlocked
and once again a cool person aha
thatnks for reading if u wanna join just messeg me
name... jasonissasuke:smile

Posted on March 12, 2012 at 07:46

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Posted on March 12, 2012 at 16:12

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Posted on March 13, 2012 at 16:54

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Era Of Ninja :

Hello everyone, are you looking for a clan to join? A place to have fun at? Then look no further. Era of Ninja is a clan created for people who want a clan to stay, to make new friends and to enjoy the game. We also play a little bit of League sometimes, so if you’re into that and want to play with a team head over to our chat, and we can start a game! We truly hope the clan can be a fun, chill place for all members. So it is very crucial you stay active with us!

Why join us?
-Free pressure zone: We won’t make you ladder or reset your stats. You can choose to do whatever you wish. Just be sure to stay active with the clan!
-Graphics: Clan avatars/sigs will be made for you if you want to wear one
-Chatbox: Most important feature in a clan! Or at least I think it is :P. Anyway, we got a clan chatbox for members to get to know each other. Do come and visit us if you want, we don’t mind new visitors!
-Friendly members:That is right! Our friendly members here will help you out with anything you have trouble with whether it is with in-gaming or something completely non-game related. We are always here for you! We care for all the members in clan!

In order to show us you do know the basics of the game and have the interest to improve during your stay with the clan, you must attain at least:
-A highest level of 22 ( obviously if higher you will be given a better position!!)
-Be loyal- and not skip clans.
-Be respectful to clan members :D
Our in-gaming requirement is not high as we do believe each player can be trained to become better in the game. We provide the training and you show us the will to learn.

With all that being said, we hope to bring a great clan experience to you. If you would like to join please send me or ninjalegend2012 a private message and come over to the chatbox to introduce yourself!


Posted on March 13, 2012 at 18:17

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Clan: Sympothy For The Jinchuriki

Hi im the clan leader and i am in need of new members,
i have no real conditions i just would like things to remain friendly. private message me if you interested :)

Posted on March 13, 2012 at 20:54

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hello all! my clan -taka- need people:

-highest level 16
-highest streak +8
-have a good ratio
-be active player

send me a pm and thanks for your atention


Posted on March 13, 2012 at 20:58

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hello all! my clan -taka- need people:

-highest level 16
-highest streak +8
-have a good ratio
-be active player

send me a pm and thanks for your atention


Posted on March 16, 2012 at 07:38

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Posted on March 18, 2012 at 15:42

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Ola amigos, esta es una invitacion para todos los clanless & tambien para los qe tienen pensado cambiar de clan, este clan esta entre los 60 primeros clanes.

El clan a sufrido una serie de consecuencias por las k estamos un poco tocados, el lider se marcho(ya esta de vuelta) hubo una revuelta y se marcho bastante gente, y por ultimo hakearon una kuenta k era lider y hecharon a todos los miembros. con esto quiero daros la oportunidad a k os unais al clan y agais del clan lo k ya era un gran clan, con vuestra ayuda lo conseguiremos.



- Conocer nuevos amigos
- Conversar en el xat
- Team´s para tus missiones
- consejos sobre n-a
- Mejorar tu streak
- Avatar & firmas personlisadas
- Poder levear al clan
- Participar en torneos, wars internos
- Participar en wars vs otros clanes


manda mensaje privado

-Si kieren entrar envien un pm a :

Estos son los lideres del clan.



-Ser o haber sido jounin.
-Tener un strike de +13 almenos.
-Tener un 70% de partidas ganadas
- Conectarse en el xat del clan.
- Conectarse almenos 4 dias a la semana.
-IMPORTANTISIMO:Tene r ganas de jugar y de hacer amigos.XD


EL CLAN BUSCA CAPS, rekisitos:
-Haber hecho una racha de +23
-Haber sido sanin y ser un level bajo(reseteado)
-Ser activo en el n.a y en el xat del clan.

Gracias espero k se unan.chao


Posted on March 21, 2012 at 16:56

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" The Light of Chidori " ( TLoC )

Venham para o Clã '' The Light of Chidori " , aqui você tem chance !!!

O Clã é novo ainda, mas com sua ajuda seremos os melhores do Naruto-Arena.

Não temos requerimentos, todos poderão entrar.

Mande uma PM para Nysden que eu te mando um convite.
Aqui estão os cargos :


TLoCkage - Clan Leader - Nysden
Amekage - Leader - dannysai
Hokage - Leader - gneto
Hoshikage - Leader - ryugin
Kazekage - Leader - MasterSasuke67
Mizukage - Leader - _______________
Otokage - Leader - bruck333
Raikage - Leader - kappa_br
Tsuchikage - Leader - maurox46


Sannin of Slugs - Captain - ______________
Sannin of Snakes - Captain - apuros999
Sannin of Toads - Captain - lukash14753
The Gamas Five - Captain - SenninAbynner , laerciovt, narutogod77, teteuesperto454, vidika
The Sages of Myoboku - Captain - raduto, danilonara317


Clan Akatsuki - Member - alby1999, bidiga
Jinchuuriki - Gobi no Irukauma - Member - ____________
Jinchuuriki - Hachibi no Oshi-Oni - Member - _____________
Jinchuuriki - Ichibi no Shukaku - Member - ______________
Jinchuuriki - Juubi - Member - _____________
Jinchuuriki - Kyuubi no Youko - Member - _______________
Jinchuuriki - Nanabi no Kabutomushi - Member - ____________
Jinchuuriki - Nibi no Nekomata - Member - ____________
Jinchuuriki - Rokubi no Namekuji - Member - ______________
Jinchuuriki - Sanbi no Kappa - Member - _____________
Jinchuuriki - Yonbi no Saru - Member - ________________
Team ANBU - Member - ______________
Team ANBU Ne - Member - _______________
Team Jounin - Member - ______________
Team of the Cloud - Member - _____________
Team of the Leaf - Member - ________________
Team of the Mist - Member - _______________
Team of the Rain - Member - ________________
Team of the Sand - Member - ______________
Team of the Slug - Member - ________________
Team of the Snake - Member - _____________
Team of the Sound - Member - _______________
Team of the Star - Member - ______________
Team of the Toad - Member - _______________


Academy Student - Trial - ________________


Pessoal, nunca, eu disse NUNCA façam missão na Ladder Game, usem a Quick Game, pois nela vocês não perderão experiência .

Precisamos de um site, quem estiver disposto à nos ajudar entre em contato por uma PM !

Enquanto nosso site não fica pronto, conheçam nossa página no Facebook : [url= ]

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 17:38

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Hi all!
New clan for UCHIHA fans is created. We need only the best players in na.
We have chatbox, when you come into it change your name from TNMP to your acc name . We want to prove everyone how better we are.
So if you like na and if you want to by the best than join the clan of the best-Project Tsuki No Me. We need you.
If you are Akatsuki member, Anbu black ops member, Anbu white ops member, Uchiha survivor and if you have any problems, don't tell it to Clan leader, first tell it to your leader. That means if you are Akatsuki member First tell problem to Akatsuki leader, and he will try to help, but if he won't be able to help, he will tell it to the Clan Leader.
PM alax342, sasuke34251 or naruto34251

Posted on March 24, 2012 at 16:07

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Are you a REAL Naruto Fan? Do you want to be a ninja? A person born under the Uchiha clan or perform the Rasengan like Naruto does? Or even become part of the villainous Akatsuki? Look no further Naruto Sagas is here! Sagas is a Naruto forum game with a combat system that gives ninja clashes a new dimension beyond text.Your adventure begins when you've joined a village and unfolds based on your actions as a ninja . Naruto Sagas is an amazing multi-player naruto rpg that let players from around the world complete missions, battle, and grow together in one huge, integrated forum based game. Now, Sagas is taking it's 7 years of what seemed like perfection to the next level! Join now and be one of the first to experience Naruto Sagas and its grand opening:

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