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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 17:42 by gametester
Finally a status update instead of more teasing :). Let me first sum up and explain what we've been doing the past month:
  • We increased security versus hackers and fixed several bugs.
  • We (re)worked the site system and functionalities which increased site's speed and quality.
  • We teased you with several polls out of frustration :).
  • We worked on the scripts and information structures because otherwise Naruto-Arena would have been down by now :).

As you might have experienced the past month Naruto Arena has had a lot of downtimes. I was constantly dedicated to change and re-change the site/game code in order to keep the site alive. As you understand a day only has 24 hours and there was really no time left to work on more interesting things like characters/missions etc.

In the end we also upgraded our complete servers to the highest level possible, which cost hundreds of dollars.
So donations are really welcome people!

But no, I'm not going to write a newspost just to explain you that we did really work our ass off.

There is more good news!

We finally came to a point where things become close to stable. We are now able to work on things you and I have been waiting, PM'ing and chatting about since the start of Naruto Arena 3 months ago.

The past 3 days me and Mark have been working our ass off to get Missions support. We planned on releasing it today, but after hours of hard work the day ended with 2 people with a headache instead.

But no worries.
Tomorow you will see a big update!
There will be 5 missions that you and I can try to complete :). These missions will eventually lead you to the 4 Sound Ninja, which are without a doubt Amazingly cool to play with!

For now I need some rest to be able to work as hard tomorow.

Just a final note: Uchiha Itachi and Kisame were not switched because of the fact that i said they 'were not wanted'; we are not stupid :). The switch had his reasons which you will get an explanation of soon.

One more personal request, don't immediately start spamming. Make comments with reason otherwise i'll finally start using my bann support ;).

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