Sound 4 balance update

Monday, September 25, 2006 at 19:42 by gametester
Finally the a Sound 4 balance update. As you may have experienced they were all too strong, except for Jiroubou. We hope this will balance them out.
  • Update: Jiroubou's Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness now steals chakra instead of removing and makes the opponent's team unable to perform a skill for one round. The move now costs 2 ninjutsu and 1 random chakra.
  • Kankuro's Poison Bomb now costs only 2 chakra, but the cooldown is increased with 1.
  • Kidoumaru's Golden Arrow now does 45 damage, down from 50 damage. Also it has a cooldown of 1 round.
  • Tayuya's Summoning the Doki now deals 15 damage every round but only lasts 2 rounds.
  • Tayuya's Demonic Flute Illusion now cannot be done while Summoning the Doki is active.
  • Tayuya's Summoning the Doki now cannot be done while Demonic Flute Illusion is active.
  • Tayuya's Doki Chakra Ghosts now only removes 1 chaka instead of 2 chakra.
  • Sakon's Parasite Demon Technique now does 15 damage instead of 20.
Also you can soon expect more missions for Kaguya Kimimaro, Yakushi Kabuto, Shizune and Momochi Zabuza.

Have Fun with the balance update!

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