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Monday, January 25, 2010 at 02:31 by Spirit_in_Black
2/13/10 Balance Change:
Boost: Lee (Off Balance Dodge), Yugito (Nibi Transformation)


1/25/10 Balance Change:
Rework: Orochimaru (Cursed Seal Technique)
Boost: Lee (Fiery Spirit)
Boost/Rework: Iruka (Sealed Bombs Square Formation)
Class Correction: Sakon (Parasite Demon Technique)


Hello old friends of Naruto-Arena, it has been a while has it not? It has been just a little more than a year now in fact since we were given birth from the loins of Naruto-Arena and were thus brought about. That first year we managed to go through many phases. When the game was first released we were on a high, and on top of the world. In that first half of the year we enjoyed a good amount of success but we then ran into some tough times in the last part of the year. Luckilly we managed to get our own dedicated coder, similar to what Luapman does here, we now have Spirit_In_Black to code for Soul-Arena.

So with that nice little summary allow us to describe a bit of what Soul-Arena as a game is. We are the little sister of Naruto-Arena, a game similar to it, but based off the manga/anime of Bleach. The engine is the same as Naruto-Arena uses but things such as classes, wordings, effects and others are different to match Bleach over Naruto of course. As a game we have 52 characters and 55 missions and our list is evergrowing.

That of course is in addition to our new event that will also be beginning today. Everybody loves Bleach but there are many other animes, shows and games out there that we also love. Hence our new event. Once a month, for 1 week we will put up a poll on the main page with a variety of characters, from different sources, animes, movies, games, etc. The members will vote on who they want to see and the winner of the poll will be coded and entered in the game for 1 week.

So hey, what are you doing just sitting there reading this? Head over and play Soul-Arena today!


The S-A Staff

Thanks to BankaiIchigo for creating the above image.

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