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Saturday, January 6, 2007 at 09:51 by gametester
We want your opinion/ideas specifically about the following topics only:

Ideas About A New Solo Ladder System
Please note:
  • Must be based on points
  • This automatically means when rank #2 beats rank #1 he is no longer directly rank #1 (unlike the current system).
  • Any new good player should makes a chance to increase in the ladder fast (maybe a new player with good win/loss ratio should be somehow seen as a higher ranked player?).
  • The ladder must be based on skill.
  • Players should not get infinite scores, because how would a new player ever become #1 if he has to get the points of a player who already started a year sooner?
  • When you loose, you lose points.
  • When you win, you win points.
If you have any ideas about this topic, then send them to Only ideas that are worked out well will be read!

Ideas About The Forum's Hierarchy
The forum code is close to done. We now need a list of categories, forums and sub forums (or sub-sub forums etc.). Because the hierarchy is very important we want to hear your ideas and layouts.

Please note:
  • You can have as many sub forums as you like.
  • Every part has a name and a description.
  • I think every character should have its forum?
  • Think of sticky and announcements
If you have any ideas with a complete hierarchy for the forum (names, descriptions etc), then you can send them to

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