Server problems

Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 16:20 by Mark
Over the last days the server has had troubles with the high number of players. As you may have noticed this caused some slowdowns.

But, this morning at 6 AM, the server fully crashed. Although the server is really good the memory broke down. We had to wait for our technical support to install new memory cards, which are expensive.

To keep the site running we will have to recode certain parts that could decrease serverload. Ofcourse we are already on it and hopefully this will also reduce the number of bugs many people have been experiencing.

The bad thing is that we have to re-invest time and money in the general fundation of the game. Ofcourse donations are always welcome.

Naruto-Arena Staff

Note: Because of the problems you will have to wait a little big longer for Ino. Expect her to be unlocked tommorownight.

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