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Monday, May 26, 2008 at 21:11 by gametester

6/08/08 - Temporary Health has changed names and is now known as Destructible Defense.

Fairly large post revamp individual character balancing is occuring today (June 5th). Please check the Latest Balance Changes section of the forum for a full list of changes.

Please be sure to regularly check both the Character Revamp and Latest Balance Changes sections of the forums at least once a day right now. Changes to older characters are occuring on a near daily basis right now. Also this should be finished in the next 4 to 5 days.


Balance Change Update:
All four currently released Shippuden characters have had a least one balance change occur. Please check their character page or the Latest Balance Changes (in News & Announcements) section of Naruto-Boards for more info.

EDIT: Good news! Arena3 is back up again.  

Hi all,

Last weekend one of our game servers, arena3, went down because of overload. It is not sure what got damaged yet. Although we are trying to expand and get more servers, we have just lost one. We hope to see it back online soon. Meanwhile you can expect slow load times. It might not be good to play ladder games till Arena3 is backup (if you care about your statistics).

Sorry for the inconvinience.

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