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Season's Greetings From Naruto-Boards Staff

Friday, December 21, 2012 at 20:15 by Spirit_in_Black


The second round of the Holiday Havoc 5 has started! Please check here for match-ups.
1-6-13 Balance Update 


The first round of the Holiday Havoc 5 has started! Please check here to find out if you're in the tournament and who you face.

Good luck, have fun and Happy New Years! 
It's that time of year again: breaks from school are being celebrated; the sounds of bells are growing louder; and the aromas of sweet food cover our surroundings. This year, the Boards' staff returns to make your Holiday Season a little more special by hosting a variety of fun-filled events!

One of our special events is the Holiday Havoc. This is a traditional tournament in which we celebrate the holidays and bring you into the new year together with lighthearted battling.

Please click and register here in order to take part in the event.

In the spirit of creativity, the staff will also host a variety of Graphics and Writing Contests. These competitions will test how strong your holiday spirit is through your works!

Be on the lookout here to see the events we've prepared for you to show off your artistic abilities this holiday season.

Have a wonderful time, and Happy Holidays!

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If anyone at Jinchuurki would like to swap in Quick Battles PM me.

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:sick [url= ][/url]

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