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Sasori of the Red Sand (S)

Sasori(s) is a senior Akatsuki member and a legendary puppet master. He is even rumored to have defeated an entire nation with puppets alone.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: Master of Puppets

Puppet Mastery

Sasori (S) may use Needle Shot and Tail Strike and gains 15 destructible defense. At 70 health he may use Arm Trap and Iron Sand and gains 20 destructible defense. At 40 health he may use 100 Puppets and Fire-Water and gains 30 destructible defense. This skill is permanent.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Instant, Unique

Needle Shot, Arm Trap, 100 Puppets

1) Needle Shot deals 10 damage to one enemy. Additionally, the target takes 5 affliction damage every turn after*.
2) Arm Trap deals 10 affliction damage for 4 turns to one enemy.*
3) 100 Puppets deals 20 damage to all enemies.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant, Ranged, Unique, Affliction*

Tail Strike, Iron Sand, Fire-Water

1) Tail Strike deals 20 damage to one enemy. Additionally, they take 5 affliction damage every turn after.*
2) Iron Sand has the same effects as Tail Strike but targets all enemies.
3) Fire-Water deals 50 damage to one enemy.**
 Cooldown: 2
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant, Ranged, Unique, Affliction*, Chakra**

Core Shift

This skill makes Sasori of the Red Sand (S) invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant, Unique
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Ancient Vampire clan Tremere awoke again, hunger for blood and will to embrace new recruits in order to make Tremere strong as it was before...
Requirements for joining Tremere are listed on forum thread with link right bellow...

===> Tremere Clan Recruitment Temple

Benefits of being a member of Tremere:
~ Gaining help on your missions
~ Tips for gaining perfect team
~ Having fun =>Tremere Clan (Chat-Box)
~ Being honored member of ancient clan Tremere
... and who knows what future holds...

The power of chakra lies hidden in many places. - Primarius

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next characters///enjoy:)

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Win 6 battles in a row with any Puppet User (Chiyo, Kankuro, Kankuro(s), Sasori, Edo Tensei Sasori) (6/6)
Win 10 battles with Deidara (S). (10/10)
Win 10 battles versus any Kage Ninja. (10/10)
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:cool ---SunFlower_Masters--- :cool

Nossa Familia esta de volta!
Clan Ja lvl 22 com a meta de entrar no rank
pra sermos reconhecidas por nossa capacidade
aqui eh uma grande familia
onde sempre temos novos amigos
Esse clam com a ajuda de todos pode Ir muito pra frente
temos requerimentos basicos
e muitos beneficios


.Sempre ativo no chat do clan
.ser no minimo chunnim
.ter 50 % de aproveitamento
.Ser on no N-A pelo menos 2 vezes na semana
.high streak no minimo +3
.high level no minimo 18


.avatares personalizados
.dicas de trio para ladder e missao
.xat pra nos comunicarmos
.muitos amigos ;P
.Backgrounds personalizados
.e uma familia com qm pode contar sempre


jhonnySan501 (eu)


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Looking for a clan? Join the Kaze Fighters!

Kaze means "wind" in Japanese so essentially it is "Wind" Fighters. This name was chosen because Naruto's nature affinity is wind and shippuden means "hurricane chronicles" and Kazekage is the name given to the Village Hidden in the Sand's leader. It is also paired with fighters because my friend and I who are the creators of the clan are in love with the 4th opening of the Naruto series, Fighting dreamers.

Intro About Myself

Let me till you just some small info about myself, I have been playing naruto arena since I was in 2007. I am not going to lie to you, my friend and I are new at this clan stuff, but we promise you, we will do everything it takes to learn the foundation of clan building and maintaining a clan and expand our knowledge!



There are some rules you have to abide by though
~Be kind
~Be cooperative
~Respect your other clan members


~Special Jounin
~Rouge Ninja
~Graduate of the Academy

Ranks will not be based on skill or level. There are various ways you can go up in rank. Every person who joins the clan will start as a recruit for 24 hours and will become a Graduate of the Academy. Ranks will be given on cooperation, how you contribute to the clan, and your behavior. Basically, you have to earn it, but don't worry we are not harsh!

Benefits on Joining the Clan

~We have just put up a chat box and a forum is on the way!
~We will have interesting topics and debates over Naruto and other things such as favorite TV shows, movies, etc.
~We are currently low on people who know how to produce GFX's (If you are skilled or you know someone please inform us) but we have banners being produced and will keep on coming!
~This clan is for people who just want to have fun and enjoy playing naruto arena!
~We will help each other out in missions or anything else in general about the game
~Hopefully, we will form close bonds and be a family!

How to Join

~If you are interested, private message rasengan_360 or OGskips! If you want one of your friends to join, you can have them PM us. Remember, all are welcome! Again, if you are experienced with GFX's, please inform us.


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I know you have seen many clans advertising but this clan is different.
You will get all the benefits you want like tips on missions,perfect team ...etc.
Join Bankai Shinobi.
You have something special now there is no requirements, we will accept anyone from any rank from academy student to kage.
You can talk, spar and have fun with other members I for myself have fun in this clan and I think if not for my clan I would not have unlocked the characters I unlocked so far. so ask any of the leaders of the clan to join (maxlau ricardonfire.....etc).
Do not lose your chance and ask to join before there are requirements for the clan.

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Who want to join my clan.. No conditions required. Pm me right now!!!

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Who want to join my clan. There's no requirement for my clan. Pm me right now..

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need clan invite me sunnin

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Win 6 battles in a row with any Puppet User (Chiyo, Kankuro, Kankuro(s), Sasori, Edo Tensei Sasori. (0/6)
Win 10 battles with Deidara (S). (10/10)
Win 10 battles versus any Kage Ninja. (10/10) pls good team to sasori(S)

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Looking for a clan? Then join Elite Konoha Guardians (EKG*)!


* Be kind, helpful, and friendly to other members.
* Be an active player. Play at least three times a week.
* Respect everyone in the clan.


* Help with missions.
* Friendly members.
* Private games to have FUN.


If you want to join, please fill out the followings.

~ Username
~ Win Percentage
~ Current Level
~ Highest Level
~ Highest Streak
~ Reason to Join

Thank you. If you are a G-Fixer or if you can make clan chats and stuff like that, please inform me because we desperately need one! Also, if you are a G-fixer, you will immediately be captain rank so don't forget to notify me if you're one! P.M me in English if you would like to join.

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Super Legendary Sannin Clan
WE are an experience clan. That is looking to be at the top spot on clan ladder one day. This clan is looking for the best of the best. If tou have a high shinobi rank than you will be put at the top spots of this clan.


to join please me inbox me if interested

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[url= ] [/url]

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