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Release date new Engine and Shippuden

Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 11:58 by Mark

Alright, we finally have a release date for you!

The new engine with Shippuden will be released on the 7th of May!

The server has finally arrived, and most of the work is done. Unfortunately due to some major holidays, the release had to wait a bit longer then we initially planned.

Also, because we feel bad for making you all wait so long, we want to give you a little sneak peak on what the new layout of the flash will look like!

This is a screenshot of the new selection screen:


This is a screenshot of the new battle screen:


As you can see, we have made major changes to the entire layout of the game. We also hope to have solved most of the bugs found in the old game, for example image loading.

You can give feedback on this news on the forums.

We hope you like it!

The Naruto-Arena Staff

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