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 ---11-4-13 Update---

It's that time again, time for new characters!!! As promised the remaining four edo tensei characters from the last batch are included as well as some other interesting characters for you guys. All character images were chosen by submissions from you the players. Good luck unlocking the new characters and as always thank you for your continued support of Naruto Arena!

Below are the character image makers that had their submitted  images selected. Praise them for giving your turkey eyeballs new shiny things to look at.

Image creators


















Uzuki Yugao (S) is a member of the Hidden Leaf's anbu squad and a sensory type shinobi.



Dodai (S) is a skilled sensor shinobi and a lava release user as well. His intelligence is his most powerful asset and he will need it to survive this war.


 Chojuro (S) confidence is building as the war rages one. The longer it lasts the stronger Chojuro (S) becomes.


Having gained complete control of all of the kyuubi's chakra Kyuubi Naruto (S) will be sure to rampage over every battlefield he comes across.


Konan of the Rain (S) has returned to the Hidden Rain village. Now that Uzumaki Nagato is dead she is aligned with Uzumaki Naruto and his quest for peace.



Zetsu (S) is intent to follow Tobi's orders. With his abilities he will be trouble for anyone that comes across him.



Not much is known about Tobi (S) other than he appears to be a member of the Uchiha clan.



Edo Tensei Chiyo (S) has been summoned back from the afterlife. She may not like it but she will do her best to help her opponents out with information while she is forced to fight.


Edo Tensei Kimimaro (S) is back and he is wreaking havoc. He has no problem shredding his enemies as he marches up and down the battlefield.


Edo Tensei Chukichi (S) is back on the battlefield and he is being forced to combat his comrades against his will.



Edo Tensei Fuguki (S) is back from the dead and on a rampage. It does not concern him who he attacks or who is controlling him.

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darklucus wrote:
fuck your paretns and fuck your siblings
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rana2 wrote:
you have turrets too :oh
nahh i was just bored and felt like saying that, just like how i always say lalalalalala :teeth :teeth

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no updates yet? :unsure

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i guess there was updates how long have u been gone for???

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NuWa looks amazing. I just find it annoying how people can't understand her kit with the gems. I don't even play Smite and I understand it perfectly.

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Yup, she is pretty good.
Have you heard of the Shake 'n Bake NuWa Fenrir combo?
It's sick!

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I like her ult gem. Dat double basic damage though.
I have not, what it is

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tthis game fucking pisses me off the losses are so fucking bullshit

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Fast and furious

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