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Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 15:51 by gametester

The first of three updates is here!

The new ladder is now online.

After some good (and long) discussions and feedback we have finalized the ladder. Unlike the old ladder, the new ladder is based on (experience) points and levels rather then just a ladderrank. Points are earned when you win, and lost when you lose. The amount of points earned or lost is based on the difference in level and skill between the two players.

We think this new ladder will also be interesting for player who retired from the old ladder. Most importantly, this ladder is a far more accurate representation of your skill then the old ladder was. It will be a far greater challenge to actually become number one, and because this new ladder is also far more stable (no more constant dropping in ranks) it will mean much more to actually be the Hokage! More details about the new ladder can be found on the ninja ladder page in the game manual.

Ninja ranks play a bigger role now. The level of a player decides his/her ninja rank. There are 11 ninja ranks in total. You will notice icons in your profile and on the ladder pages. There are also 11 player cards each dedicated to a ninja rank, so be sure to use them on any webpage/forum if you like to show off!

The statistics of the old ladder are not lost. At the bottom of every player's profile the old statistics can be found. Also, the starting player in a private game is now fully random.

But that’s enough talk for now, it's time to start laddering again. You'd better be prepared for the upcoming Shuppuden characters and a lot more extras!

So far our first big update!

The Naruto-Arena Staff

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