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11/20 Update:
Yoroi: Energy Drain (Nerf)
Anko: Twin Snakes Mutual Death (Boost)

Glitches Fixed: Yoroi's Energy Drain and Kiba's Double Headed Wolf


Hello all! Finally a balance update! In addition, work is beginning on coding and testing new characters. Without further ado:

Anko: Twin Snakes Mutual Death and Dual Pin (Rework/Boost)
Shino: Bug Wall (Boost)
Ino: Change of Heart (Boost)
Kimimaro: Dance of the Camellia (Boost)
Yoroi: Energy Drain (Boost)
Oboro: Underground Ambush/Haze Clones (Boost)
Shikamaru (S): Opponent Analysis (Boost)
Sakura (S): Self Heal (Nerf)
Neji (S): Hakke Hasangekiand Hakke Kuushou (Nerf)
Kyuubi Naruto: Kyuubi Rasengan (Nerf)
Chouji (S): Mega Palm Thrust/Expansion Technique (Nerf)
Kin: Needle and Bell Trap (Nerf)
Obito: Obito Sharingan (Nerf)


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This is Alex the "NARUTO THE HOKAGE "newest clan leader,
I"m recruiting new members if you want to join pm me.

Clan requirements:

1.You have to be serious, or we won't let you join
2.You have to play ladder games, or there isn't a point of being here!
3.Your win percentage has to be above 70%
4.You must be online at least 5 days a week
5.You must be at least Missing Ninja.

Clan informations

Clan level: 43
Clan ladder: #75
Members : 37
Team help$

Clan thread

I would be glad if u join this big family!!!,

Thank you ,
sighs Alex

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Luapman The For├že

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:mad :mad :mad :mad :huh :evil

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itashi is gud

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Requisitos pra entrar no clan
~ser genin
~entrar duas vezes por semana
~ter strak +7
~ter mais vitorias que derrotas
~ quem quize entrar no clan manda um PM pra mim...:tounge :tounge

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NO MANSHEEN! qe pedo stas aka jugando bn chido i te falta 1 ninjutsu o taijutsu para Ganaar i asi i Te dan un PINCHE GENJUTSU de qe verga te sirvee?

no mansheehn netha eeeh

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 21:11

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eres un pendejo luapman yo no se x qe no remedias eso x thu culpa PIERDO DE AMADRE

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This is brand new clan starting out in NarutoArena
~The clan requirements~
~Atleast lvl 16 (Some exceptions)
~More wins then loses (If it goes below you have a week to raise it back up)
~Atleast active 3 times a week (Please notify of vacations stays in places and etc.)
~Best 2 out of 3 with me or someone I or other high up person pick
~Other things~
~Promotions happen the more you lvl and better ratio you get
~You can tell me when you think your worthy of promotion and I will decide
~I don't care about foul language
~Please don't bully weaker players
~Im here to help
~Im active almost everyday mostly from 5pm-10:30pm (Central Standard Time) *Not really on Tuesday*
~Im always checking the chat box if you want to join
Sprite5460 is the leader message him or go to the chat box to join thanks bye :D

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