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11/20 Update:
Yoroi: Energy Drain (Nerf)
Anko: Twin Snakes Mutual Death (Boost)

Glitches Fixed: Yoroi's Energy Drain and Kiba's Double Headed Wolf


Hello all! Finally a balance update! In addition, work is beginning on coding and testing new characters. Without further ado:

Anko: Twin Snakes Mutual Death and Dual Pin (Rework/Boost)
Shino: Bug Wall (Boost)
Ino: Change of Heart (Boost)
Kimimaro: Dance of the Camellia (Boost)
Yoroi: Energy Drain (Boost)
Oboro: Underground Ambush/Haze Clones (Boost)
Shikamaru (S): Opponent Analysis (Boost)
Sakura (S): Self Heal (Nerf)
Neji (S): Hakke Hasangekiand Hakke Kuushou (Nerf)
Kyuubi Naruto: Kyuubi Rasengan (Nerf)
Chouji (S): Mega Palm Thrust/Expansion Technique (Nerf)
Kin: Needle and Bell Trap (Nerf)
Obito: Obito Sharingan (Nerf)


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gabizinho wrote:
clanemses e um nome de um clan

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Lachey wrote:

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[url= ][/url][url= ][/url]

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eu quero um cla que me bote ae tenho 21 car liberado,genin,+10estreak,75% de vitoria

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hi ppl pm me if u wanna tlk

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meu ki cara idiota tem 21 carros desbloqueados nu ke animal no grand turismo

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eu quero entra em um cla eu tenho 42 caras libertado

Posted on July 15, 2011 at 22:32

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If anyone would like an account that has ALL characters
please contact me (PM). I'll tell you the rules regulations and restrictions, thnaks and good luck trying to get the account!!!

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hi ppl pm me if u would like to tlk

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It has no setting besides the fact that it's more so in the future from the tv series so you can either be a previous character's child or i completely made up character. You can be whatever type of character you want. Jinchuuriki are available. Literally, you can make your character from scratch. You can have your preference in what village you want to be in but it'll only be changed if necessary. You can use a tektek avatar to be your image or you can find one from google or photobucket. So please join be active have fun and tell your friends to join too. Once there's enough characters there may be wars invasions abandonment or anything you can think. Some will be on the side of world peace other of world domination or just neutral. So, what path will you choose?
*link is also on my profile*

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Hi ppl

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:cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool

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hi ppl pm me if u wanna tlk

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Lets make a change to Naruto arena Real Characters Like Tobi And therefore real characters that should have been annouced but anyway are the academy students that have lost their accounts have to fight such strong characters like Itachi Preta path or characters that cant be unlocked at your rank, doesnt it suck when you have to lose against them and have a bad ratio? we want servers that only connect to real level skilled players there is no need what so ever for somebody to go against an elite let alone the fact that we only start off with beginner characters.
i think there should be diffrent servers against those who weild strong characters Ex: when your a chuunin you get connected with mostly chuunins and missing-nin with missing-nin Etc. i think that people who reset there ranks at a certain level they still get connected to the same rank players for ex: if you reset your rank at sannin it wholle data will be erased(as usaul) but you dont lose your rank only your wins, losses and whatever or atleast make them lose there characters to its not fair when somebody wants to unlock a sound genin ex: tayuya, jiroubou etc. that when they have 4+ they have to go against a overpowered character that isnt an GENIN skilled-level player its Not right i think they should either fix the servers or make them go against there same-leveled skill players.
Next i think (if it isnt to much) they should give a list of Available Players to fight with the options to make a match or join one so that way you know your not fighting someone so overpowered.

And to all you Sannins(or above or lower ranks) who dont agree to this
it did take you time to unlock these characters right? well would you like it if you needed one more win and you have to go against he hardest team and you lose? for no reason when you could have battled someone thats your skill-level? no that isn't right doing a D-C mission and you battle someone who completes 2 thirds of All the missions when your one battle Away? I think Naruto Arena Should Change A little Bit Lets Spread this WORD and make sure They ALL see this

Originaly Posted by:Kyu-Daime

Posted on July 21, 2011 at 15:23

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i fight to the end

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