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11/20 Update:
Yoroi: Energy Drain (Nerf)
Anko: Twin Snakes Mutual Death (Boost)

Glitches Fixed: Yoroi's Energy Drain and Kiba's Double Headed Wolf


Hello all! Finally a balance update! In addition, work is beginning on coding and testing new characters. Without further ado:

Anko: Twin Snakes Mutual Death and Dual Pin (Rework/Boost)
Shino: Bug Wall (Boost)
Ino: Change of Heart (Boost)
Kimimaro: Dance of the Camellia (Boost)
Yoroi: Energy Drain (Boost)
Oboro: Underground Ambush/Haze Clones (Boost)
Shikamaru (S): Opponent Analysis (Boost)
Sakura (S): Self Heal (Nerf)
Neji (S): Hakke Hasangekiand Hakke Kuushou (Nerf)
Kyuubi Naruto: Kyuubi Rasengan (Nerf)
Chouji (S): Mega Palm Thrust/Expansion Technique (Nerf)
Kin: Needle and Bell Trap (Nerf)
Obito: Obito Sharingan (Nerf)


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co tu sie w ogule robi

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what a fack is this men

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clan:Elite of Sand.

Historia do clan:
O clan Elite of Sand foi surgido depois que dois
amigos resouveram fazer um clan com o objetivo de
ser uns dos melhores do TOP 30 que são os trinta
melhores clans do rank.

~Ter mais vitorias do que derrotas.
~Ser gennin.
~Ter strak +7.
~Entrar no minimo duas veses por semana.

Se vc se interessou é só ter esses requisitos.

Beneficios do clan:
~Ajudas em missões.
~Dicas de times para ladder e quick game.

Posted on June 8, 2011 at 22:45

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yo wats up every1

Posted on June 14, 2011 at 18:45

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caln level 27 and raising.. if u need a clan pm me ..

clan requirments
1)wins must be 55% or higher
2)have more wins than loses
3)have at least 8+ or higher wining streak
4)must be at least a level 12 or higher

Exceptions can be made

clan chat
must be in chat at least 4 times a week..
help with missions
clan avatars

grfxer's needed~!!!!

for more info check out the clan bio

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