New Ladder System Being Tested

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New Ladder System Being Tested

Monday, April 7, 2008 at 21:49 by gametester

Hi all,

There are going to be a lot of changes to Naruto-Arena. And by a lot, i really mean a lot! In the upcoming weeks you will see the biggest updates ever on Naruto-Arena. All of these changes will help make Naruto-Arena an even better game! Of course we will try to avoid any of these changes having a bad influence on the community and game. One of these changes will be a new ladder system...

Today I worked out the code for a new ladder system that we will introduce at some point in the upcoming weeks. The new ladder system will be based on points and levels, rather then just a ladderrank; it is based on actual skill, rather then just 'active play in the last hours'. With this new system we hope to create a more stable ladder, making it more difficult to reach the top. Additionally, we hope that the new ladder system will be interesting for the 'retired/skilled' players too.

The ladder system is currently being tested and is running in the background. By playing a regular ladder game, you will automatically participate in the new ladder. Tomorrow we will provide you with the current status and playerratings. Please note that the ladder was already active since the morning of 7 april. I'd like to encourage ALL players to play ladder games in the upcoming hours so we can get a clear view of the quality of the ladder.

We hope as much players as possible will participate!
Thanks in advance,


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