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Our IRC-Channel

As you may know already, Naruto-Arena has opened up its own official IRC chat channel. This will give our members the opportunity to talk freely to eachother. We recommend everybody uses the exact same username as he/she has on his/her Naruto-Arena account.

Server & Channel

To connect to our IRC-channel you'll need the following information:

Channel: #naruto-arena
Link: If you already have an IRC-Client installed, just click here to connect to the channel.

What is IRC

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. It's just like msn or yahoo chatrooms. Generally, the user (such as you) runs a program (called a "client") to connect to a server on one of the IRC nets. The server relays information to and from other servers on the same net. The recommended clients is mIRC.

How to join the channel

If you want to join our IRC-channel, just follow the tutorial underneath. Everything is explained step by step.

  • Go to and download the latest mIRC version. The download location really doesn't matter since all the files are same. But still try to download it from the location nearest to you.
  • Install the application.
  • When you run mIRC for the first time, it asks you for your full name, e-mail address, your nickname and alternative. Fill in all these things. Please try to use your naruto-arena game name so that everyone can tell who you are.
  • Once you are done filling in this information, it's time to select a server. Our channel (#naruto-arena) is located on the Animeoku server. So, from the option menu select "servers", and hit "Add". Fill in the following data, and hit the ok-button. Description: Animeoku - IRC Server: - Port(s): 6667
  • In the dropbox called IRC Server you will now see Animeoku as the selected server. Click "connect to server".
  • Now you are connected to the server. But you are not connected to the channel yet. Go to the very bottom and type /join #naruto-arena exactly as it's written here.
  • If you did everything right you should now be connected to the Naruto-Arena IRC Channel.

Basic IRC-commands
/server or /s
Change server/open up a new connection to
/join #naruto-arena or /j #naruto-arena
You join the channel #naruto-arena.
/nick newnick
Changes your nick to "newnick".
This works in many clients. Try it!
/quit good night!
You quit IRC completely, with the parting comment so that others see "yournick (good night!)".

Typing in all caps, LIKE THIS, is considered "shouting" and should be avoided. Likewise, do not repeat yourself or otherwise "flood" the channel with many lines of text at once. Be sure to use correct terminology, e.g., "channel", not "chat room", and "nick", not "handle".

While in a channel, follow the lead of the channel ops there. If you antagonize them, you may be "kicked" out off the channel forcibly and possibly "banned" from returning.


Sometimes your firewall blocks the IRC from connecting to the server. If that happnes try disabling your firewall and re-connecting again. If it works than try unblocking IRC. For example if you are using zonealarm firewall go to IM Sceurity->settings->Advanced-> Uncheck block IRC.

If you're still having problems PM Raizen-1 or Truedream for more help. They'll try to help you in every possible way they can.

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