Naruto-Arena forces you to select 3 characters when you start a new game. This page gives you an overview of all characters available in the Naruto-Arena game. Not only can you view each character's skills, you can also discuss the characters by posting comments.

Nara Shikamaru (S)

Once known to be one of the laziest ninja, Shikamaru has worked tireless to become not only stronger, but a leader too. More than ever before, Shikamaru excels at coming up with long winded and convoluted plans meant to defeat any enemies in his path.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: Where the Shadows Lie

Shadow Sewing

Shikamaru sends several tendrils of shadow to one enemy, dealing 35 damage to them and stunning their non-mental skills for 1 turn. Afterwards, this skill will be replaced by 'Shadow Sewing - Hold' for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 1
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Ranged, Instant

Long-Range Tactics

Shikamaru goes long. For 4 turns, each time Shikamaru uses a new harmful skill, he will become invulnerable for 1 turn. If Shikamaru receives new non-affliction damage, this skill will be ignored for 1 turn. The following 4 turns, this skill will be replaced by 'Final Explosion'.
 Cooldown: 5
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant

Expert Analysis

By carefully analyzing one enemy, Shikamaru figures out their weakness. For 3 turns, any time that enemy uses a new skill that enemy will be unable to become invulnerable or reduce damage and all helpful counter and reflect skills on them will be ignored for 1 turn. This skill is invisible.
 Cooldown: 2
Chakra required: No Costs
 Classes: Mental, Ranged, Instant

Panicked Dodge

This skill makes Nara Shikamaru (S) invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant

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