Missions Going Back to Normal

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Missions Going Back to Normal

Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 23:40 by Luapman

The two weeks are up.

Mission have been returned to their more difficult state. Though you will notice that some have been reworked and the wording of some of the goals has been changed to eliminate confusion.


Also there has been some small balance changes and one complete rework. It can be read about here: www.naruto-boards.com/4/luapman's-repository and discussed here: www.naruto-boards.com/307/the-alter-at-luapman's-feet-(aka-balance-discussio.../.

There is a very high possibility that Kyuubi Naruto, Cursed Seal Sasuke, and Kurenai will see reworks in the near future besides the normal balance changing that some characters may undergo in the next couple weeks.


UPDATE: Team 7 Fights as a Team has been altered to fix a bug. All bugs with Shiki Fuujin are fixed. Hmm.. I missed one bug with Shiki Fuujin which allowed Enma to still be used. It is fixed now.

I have heard the outcry regarding the "Team of..." missions, and honestly it was due to an error in my memory of those missions. So to help bring the missions back to an easier-to-finish state without having to poke around in thousands of accounts in the database each character involved in the missions has two characters they can beat to further the mission along. Some of them do not make much sense (Tenten and Hinata), but I like to think of those as training exercise and love rivalry respectively

Luapman and the N-A Staff 

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