Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 02:49 by Luapman

All invulnerabilities have been reverted back to their pre-meta-game change state. Stuns now target 2 classes each (this is an and/or parameter). Drains now target 1 of 2 chakra types, the one drained is chosen at random. Steals now target the chakra types the skill doesn't use, the chakra type stolen is chosen randomly. The specific changes are as follows:

Snake Coil - Physical/Melee
Mega Palm Thrust - Physical/Chakra
Sanbou Kyuukai - Physical Ranged
Chain Shred - Physica/Chakra
Desert Coffin - Physical/Melee
Acupuncture - Physical/Chakra
KO Punch - Physical/Mental
Nin-Dogs - Physical/Ranged
Samehada Slash - Physical/Chakra
Wild Lion Mane - Pysical/Melee
Compression Blast - Physica/Melee
Dance of the Clematis - Physical/Ranged
Fuuton Atsugai - Chakra/Ranged
Spider Web - Physica/Melee
Desert Prison - Chakra/Melee
Water Prison Technique - Physical/Ranged
Origami Blanket - Chakra/Melee
Kyuubi Rasengan - Physical/Mental
Great Waterfall Technique - Physical/Ranged
Dual Pin - Physical/Melee
Shadow Bind - Chakra/Ranged
Long Range Bind - Chakra/Melee
Shadow Sewing - Physical/Ranged
Underground Ambush - Physical/Ranged
Extended Kusanagi - Chakra/Ranged
Great Beast Painting Snake - Physical/Chakra
Demonic Flute Illusion - Chakra/Ranged
Tree Strangulation - Physical/Melee
Twin Rising Dragons Trap - Physical/Ranged
Painful Sky Leg - Chakra/Mental
Tsukuyomi - Physical/Mental
Crow Genjutsu - Chakra/Ranged
Rasengan - Physical/Chakra
Temple of Nirvana - Chakra/Ranged
Oodama Rasengan - Physical/Ranged
Change of Heart - Mental/Ranged
Mind Body Disturbance - Physical/Chakra
Mind-Body Switch - Mental/Melee
Four Column Prison - Physical/Ranged
Tree Bind Death - Chakra/Melee
Plant Form Attack - Physical/Ranged
EDIT: Water Shark Projectile - Chakra/Mental
Shiki Fuujin - remains the only full stun

Totsuka Sword - B/G
Sound Manipulation - T/B
Chakra Node Strike - T/N
Doki Ghosts - N/G
Eight Trigram Sixty-Four Palms - T/B
Finishing Blow - B/N
Hakke Kuushou - T/N
Impale - T/B
Kusanagi - B/G
Hinata Gentle Fist - T/N
Hakke Hasangeki - remains T+N
Major Summoning Manda - remains B+N+G

Chakra Leach - T/N/G
Energy Drain - T/N/G
Draining Assault - T/N/G
Dungeon CHamber of Nothingness - T/B/G
Samehada Shred - B/G

Balance Changes
Boosts: Anko Twin Snakes Mutual Death


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