Major Cleanup

Monday, March 31, 2008 at 10:19 by gametester

Edit: The codes regarding the missions are reprogrammed. If any bugs occur regarding missions after this news then please report it on the forums.

Edit: Bugs did occur. Goal status is reset to its status arround 7 hours ago. Sorry about he inconvenience. More about this matter can be found here.

Hi all,

Minutes ago i did a big cleanup which has deleted all our members who were highy inactive meaning they had no wins, no losses, no ladderank, no highest rank and 0 posts.

These 400.000+ members got their accounts removed from our database. So far it looks like the update went succesfull. If any data was lost of active players we would like to know that immeditally. This can be reported on the forums.

The update was done to speed up the site. We hope to see some improvement tonight!


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