Major Balance Update

Monday, March 3, 2008 at 09:14 by Luapman

Changes 3/12/08:
Returned to Original State:
Iruka and Oboro
For explaination please read post #649 in "Altar Part 3" of the Latest Balance Changes subforum in the News and Announcements subforum.

Changes 3/6/08:
Temari - Summoning Quick Beheading Dance
Sasuke - Sharingan

Further Changes 3/5/08:
Kyuubi Naruto - Kyuubi Chakra
Cursed Seal Sasuke - Cursed Seal Activation
Akadou Yoroi - Chakra Absorption Technique
Uchiha Sasuke - Sharingan
Tayuya - Demonic Flute Illusion
Uchiha Itachi - Amaterasu

Straight Nerfs:
Haku - Water Needles
Tenten - Twin Rising Dragons Trap
Hoshigaki Kisame - Samehada Slash
Umino Iruka - Sealed Bombs Square Formation

Straight Reworks:
Uchiha Itachi - Amaterasu

Combo Nerfs/Reworks:
Oboro - Underground Ambush

Combo Boosts/Reworks:
Uchiha Sasuke - Sharingan and Chidori
Cursed Seal Sasuke - Cursed Seal Activation, Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu, and Corrupt Chidori
Uzumaki Naruto - Shadow Clones

Luapman and the Naruto-Arena/Boards Staff.

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