Just a Little Update

Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 00:11 by Luapman

10/09/07 - The FAQ section of the Game Manual has been updated.

10/05/07 - Nerf: Kurenai - Cherry Blossom Suffication's duration and cooldown are both lowered by 1 round.

Hello Everyone,

Just giving you a little update letting you know that various things are in the process of being worked on, including all new Shippuuden characters.

On another note there are a couple of nerfs.

Kurenai - Cherry Blossom Suffication now costs 1 genjustu and 1 random but does only 10 damage per round.

Jiraiya - Toad Mouth Bind has had its cooldown increased to 4 rounds.

Nidaime - Water Collision Destruction has had its cooldown increased to 4 rounds.



N-A Staff 

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just a little update

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