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1/18/11 Update

This was also a large update you may view the changes Here . 



1/11/11 Update

This was a fairly large update due to the amount of new characters, you may view the changes Here .



The mission problem that everyone has been experiencing has now been corrected. You may all successfully complete you missions and unlock your characters.  If, by any chance, there are further difficulties feel free to contact me.

Also, thank you very much for your patience through all of this.  It is very much appreciated!


Spirit in Black


1/3/11 Update

Nagato (S): Demonic Statue Summoning (Nerf)

Nagato (S): Samsara of Heavenly Life (Nerf)

Fukasaku and Shima (S): Toad Confrontation Singing (Nerf)

Fukasaku and Shima (S): Sand Dust (Nerf)




Happy Holidays!!, here is a balance update and new batch of characters for everyone.

Well 2011 is almost upon us, and it has been a long ride. For roughly six monthes a process of transition has been going on behind the scenes. The time and effort I am willing and able to dedicate to N-A has been shrinking less and less over the last two years, and the N-A community deserves to have someone who cares deeply about both the game and its community. I will not stop being an admin, but I will be in the background, mostly to assist in any design/coding needs. My replacement is Oreacharound. He was here even before me, less than a month, but he has always been a prescence even when many of the old-schoolers have long since moved on. Many of the recent balance changes and character designs are his, and I have been pleased with his work. His sense of balance is very similar to my own, but unlike myself he still is a regular player, so he will have a broader and fresher view on the subject. His admin status has been unoffial during this time, but by tomorrow, or the day after at latest, he will have official admin status. Thanks to all the players for they're dedication to this humble game. Now go get those new characters.



Balance update
Hidden Shadow Snake Hand (Boost)
Kiba: Double Headed Wolf (Boost)
Shika (S): Opponent Analysis (Boost)
Haku: Acupuncture (Boost)
Hinata: Byakugan/Eight Trigrams 64 Palms Attack (Boost)
Shika: Shadow Bind (Boost)
Shodai: Tree Strangulation (Boost)
Tsunade: Painful Sky Leg (Nerf)
Suigetsu: Rehydration (Nerf)
Hidan: Impale (Nerf)
Iruka: Sealed Bombs Square Formation (Nerf)
Tayuya: Doki Demons (Nerf)

Gltches Fixed:Oboro's Underground Ambush and Haze Clones 



Yamanaka Inoichi (S) is the father of Ino and the leader of the Yamanaka clan. He is a jounin and a member of the Konoha interrogation squad.


Akimichi Chouza (S) is the leader of the Akimichi clan. He is a jounin and skilled in all of his clan's secret techniques.


Tsume is a fierce woman and a member of the Inuzuka clan. She is a jounin and the mother of Kiba.


Morino Ibiki (S) is a jounin and the designer of the chuunin exams. He is the leader of the Konoha interrogation squad.


Killer Bee (S) is the jinchuriki from Kumogakure. Bee (S) is referred to as the hero of Kumogakure and possess immense physical strength as well as being an expert swordsmen. 


Fukasaku and Shima (S) are known as the two great sage toads of Mount Myoboku. They taught both Jiraiya and Naruto sage jutsu and are each skilled in elemental techniques as well as genjutsu techniques.


Human Path Pein (S) is one of the six paths of Pein. This path is a mind reader and gathers intel for the other paths.


Preta Path Pein (S) is one of the six paths of Pein. This path is able to nulify jutsus and is used mostly for defensive tactics.


Asura Path Pein (S) is one of the six paths of Pein. His body style is similar to a puppet filled with hidden weapons.


Naraka Path Pein (S) is one of the six path's of Pein. This path is able to interrogate it's enemies at will. Naraka Path Pein (S) can also give life as well as take it.


Deva Path Pein (S) is one of the six path's of Pein. This path is able to use itself as the epicenter of magnetism to attract or repel all objects. This path holds the most power and is the main force in battle for Pein.


Nagato is the leader of Akatsuki and is also known as Pein. He is in control of the six paths of Pein and was a former student of Jiraiya. Nagato possess the rinnegan and may be the strongest ninja in the shinobi world.


Sennin Naruto (S) has trained on Mount Myoboku with Fukasaku and Shima. Naruto has become one of the most powerful individuals in the ninja world.





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