Flash update BETA 3.0

Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 01:40 by gametester
Hi there,

The new flash version 3.0 is finally done. This version includes some major bug/crash fixed:
  • New in-game backgrounds.
  • New win/loss screens with ladder statistics and mission completed information.
  • Surrender option.
  • Timer fully functional.
  • Battle detection (you can now continue a game after you accidentally closed the screen).
  • Automatically reconnect after a disconnect (this fixed the issue that people have games crashing).
  • You can only receive a loss when you actually entered a battle.
  • Cleanup & better coding means less server issues.
  • Images preload (this fixes the flashing of images).
  • Several bugs fixes (f.e. Sakon?s special move).
  • Overall better in-game feedback.

Now there will finally be time to work on new features. The new servers are expected this weekend too.

Have Fun with the new version. Hopefully we are now officially bug free !

Naruto-Arena Staff

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flash update beta 3.0

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