What is Naruto?

Naruto is a popular anime in both the United States and Japan. It follows the story of Naruto Uzumaki on his quest to become Hokage..

I can't see how my enemies are attacking me?

Part of the game is knowledge of the opposing player's characters abilities. Maybe we will add some kind of visualizations of skills/attacks in the future. However, the vast majority of players will likely be able to recognize the skills that have been used in a previous turn (and even predict them) after playing it for an amount of time. To learn of an opposing character's abilities, either click on their icon while in-game or look them up in our Characters & Skills section which fully details the abilities of all characters. This method will be in place until the necessary improvements have been made.

Where is Character XXX that's currently in the manga?

Since Naruto-Arena is heavily reliant on the anime for its images, and the majority of people playing the game are mostly fans of the US anime [and aren't yet as far as most people who read the manga that's released on the internet], it will only include characters that are present in the anime. Don't worry though, the anime is progressing further and we will be adding both Shippuuden and Akatsuki characters as they are revealed.

Will you be adding any filler characters to the line up?

Hell no!

I was in the middle of a fight and the message 'You Win' unexpectedly showed up, but I didn't defeat the player.

The opposing player suffered a connection problem, closed his/her in-game window, or surrendered.

Did the game glitch? What happened?

If something happened that you are 100% sure could not happen otherwise, it was probably a glitch. You can get more information on glitches and report new ones here.

The game won't load. What's wrong?

There is either a problem with your connection that is causing lag or the server is currently down. Delete your cookies to reduce lag. If that doesn't work, try logging out and then back in. In the case that the server is down, be patient and it should be back up shortly.

At the end of the round, a menu comes up regarding chakra. What is this?

If a player uses a skill requiring "random chakra" (black) during a round, this menu will appear. The purpose of the menu is to offer an overview of your current chakra pool, from which you can draw a substitute for the "random" chakra. Please note, this menu is in no sense related to the chakra you will gain next round.

How do I unlock the other characters?

Characters are unlocked by completing missions. To do a mission, you usually have to defeat specific ninjas or win several times in a row while having the required ninja(s) in your team. The missions can be found here.

Do private battles count towards mission requirements?

No, private battles do not count towards mission requirements or even ladder rank. This is to prevent people from cheating by battling their friends to complete missions easily or even battling themselves.

When I go to sleep and come back I drop in ladder rank. Why?

You are one of the many people that want to move up in the ladder. While you were sleeping, people continued to play and passed you on the ladder, which would obviously make yourself drop.

I was facing a chuunin that used the legendary sannin. Was he cheating?

No, he wasn't cheating. He reset his account so that he could work on getting a good record or so he could find a character he needed for a mission.

What happens when you reset your account?

This is answered on the reset account page itself.

I don't like my name. Can I change it?

When creating your account, it specifically said, and I quote, "Your username cannot be changed after registration." We are sorry for any inconvenience. Your best bet is to just create another account if you really hate your current name.

Can I delete my account?

Currently, there is no way for you to delete your account. Sorry.

How does the match-up system work?

Every 30 seconds, match-ups are made. The players closest to each other on the ladder will play each other.

The admins don't appear to be doing anything. What the @#$% is going on?!

First off, the game is offered to all you Naruto fans for free. We admins have already spent a lot of time trying to get the game working as it does right now and we intend to keep this up by working on it as much as we can in our own free time. Even when it does appear to you the staff is slacking off, please do respect our effort and time put into it up to this point. Current progress is being made on the new engine, Shippuuden and Akatsuki characters.

When is Bleach version coming out?

It is out! Check out Soul-Arena.com !

I want to help make the game better! Can I join the staff?

We aren't seeking to hire any moderators at this time. Your best bet is to always act respectably and obey the rules and you might eventually get chosen. However, asking to become a moderator will ruin your chances forever.

Future Plans for Naruto-Arena

These plans are subject to change at any time without prior notification. They are just indicators of what our grand visions of the future of Naruto-Arena looks like. We may find that many of these are currently not on the horizon. However, we would like to share our vision with you, the players.

  • In-game chat feature
  • Tournaments
  • More Characters
  • And much, much more!

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