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Edo Tensei Deidara (S)

Edo Tensei Deidara (S) has been revived and is immediately sent out to battle. Fighting on the front lines is nothing new to this old soul.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: Deidara Revived


Using Katsu, Edo Tensei Deidara (S) targets one random enemy dealing 20 piercing damage. Deidara will be invulnerable to enemy mental skills for 1 turn when this skill is used.
 Cooldown: 1
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Ranged, Instant, Unique

Chakra Clay Trap

Edo Tensei Deidara (S) uses Chakra Clay Trap on one enemy. If that enemy uses a new harmful skill, that skill will be countered and that enemy will take 20 piercing damage and Katsu will deal 5 additional damage to that enemy permanently.The target of this skill is invisible.
 Cooldown: 2
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Ranged, Instant, Unique

Sonar Bat Bombs

Edo Tensei Deidara (S) uses Sonar Bat Bombs on all enemies dealing 10 Affliction damage. All enemies this skill damages will take an additional 5 damage from Katsu permanently this effect stacks. This skill becomes Jellyfish Explosives when used.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Ranged, Instant, Affliction, Unique

Flying Clay Clone

This skill makes Edo Tensei Deidara (S) invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Instant
Posted on January 25, 2013 at 15:29

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Win 5 battles with Deidara (S) versus any Uchiha Ninja. (1/5)
Win 20 battles with Deidara (S). (9/20)
Win 5 battles in a row with Deidara (S). (1/5)

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 15:44

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Venha fazer parte do Naruto Arena BR, um grupo brasileiro pra quem joga N.A, no Raidcall e tenha dicas de times e ajudas em Ladder ou Quick com nossos Administradores do grupo, além da ajuda dos outros membros!

Entre agora mesmo no Naruto Arena BR, ID da sala = 5239465 ou faça a busca pelo nome "Naruto Arena BR". Yes, man, come join us!

Posted on January 26, 2013 at 01:17

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Win 5 battles with Deidara (S) versus any Uchiha Ninja. (1/5)
Win 20 battles with Deidara (S). (13/20)
Win 5 battles in a row with Deidara (S). (5/5)

Posted on January 26, 2013 at 03:04

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Win 5 battles with Deidara (S) versus any Uchiha Ninja. (4/5)
Win 20 battles with Deidara (S). (20/20)
Win 5 battles in a row with Deidara (S). (5/5)

lets sasuke gogogogo:cool

Posted on January 26, 2013 at 19:06

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Hello this clan began 6-14-2012 this is not a clan for having the best score but it is for chilling out chatting and more. This clan can help you with mission leveling up and give you nice streak teams.
New message P.M. me if you think i should make a new rank for advertising, another word for recruiting those who ONLY reach the qualification give me there user names. in addition they cant just join for a few days and leave it will not work that way.
What this clan has to offer?
- We have a chatbox
- we can help with missions
- give streak teams
- avatars
- friendly environment
What are the rules?
- Be loyal
- Be honest
-Be active member be online at least 4 times a week 活力(Zap)
- Be respectful
~ Don't ask for promotion unless you reached the requirement
If you can withstand all these requirments and qualifications P.M me now! :D
* If you're a GFX'er we will have some acceptions pm me *

Posted on January 27, 2013 at 06:42

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- Здравствуйте!

- Приглашаю вас в клан War Shinobi in Konoha.

- Клану требуются:

1) Опытные и проффесиональные игроки;
2) Дружелюбные и общительные люди;
3) Ранг не ниже missing-nin и процентное соотношение побед и поражений не ниже 50%.

- Также клану сейчас требуеться помощь в его дальнейшем развитии, так как им давно не занимались поэтому если вы хочете вступить в клан или у вас есть ещё вопросы, обращайтесь ко мне - Deadly2000.

Posted on January 27, 2013 at 18:00

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:amazed :amused :blink :cheesy :confused :cool :cry :evil :huh :laugh :mad :notrust :noworry :nuts :worried :wondering :weird :wacko :unsure :tounge :teeth :suspicious :sick :sad :rolleyes :push :oh

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 17:02

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who want a clan send me a message and I will get you in my clan raikiregan:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh tambem sou brasileiro!!!!:cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 19:49

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i can't win 5 in a row with Dei bro @_@

Posted on January 30, 2013 at 21:17

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Posted on February 1, 2013 at 23:18

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Olá galera do N-A estou aqui anunciando o surgimento de um novo clan que é Pirates Reborn (-PRn).

O clan é novo e estamos precisando de bons jogadores, por enquanto os requisitos para entrar no clan não são muitos.
O clan é novo mais tem muita estrutura, temos chat e tbm temos um site.Aqueles que estiverem interessados em entrar no clan mandem uma private mensagem para Junior_play3 ou ippo-hitsuyama que são as contas lideres do clan.

Os requisitos são esses.

-Ser ou ter sido level 21 anbu
-Ter ou ter tido um high streak de +10
-Ser ativo
-Entrar no xat do clan quando estiver jogando pois e muito importante
-Respeitar tds os administradores do clan

O link do nosso site segui logo abaixo sendo q todos os arquivos do clan vão estar la é muito importante entrar no site também pois é lá e no xat que informaremos notícias e campeonatos que terão.

Os jogadores q não tem os requisitos mais estão enteressados em entrar pro clan enviem um private mensagem ou entrem no xat do clan pois passarão por testes.

Agradeço e um bom jogo a tds!!!

Posted on February 2, 2013 at 14:19

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Ganhe 5 batalhas com Deidara (S) versus qualquer Ninja Uchiha. (5/5)
Ganhe 20 batalhas com Deidara (S). (17/20)
Ganhe 5 batalhas seguidas com Deidara (S). (5/5)
to be easy

Posted on February 5, 2013 at 03:10

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Posted on February 5, 2013 at 22:17

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hello this clan is the _SENJU CLAN_ and we would love if more members would join our goal is to be the best clan in n-a.we have a few requirements: Must be on naruto arena atleast 2 days a week.Must be loyal to your members.Must have a win percentage of 40 and lvl 16 or more but if u have less u can talk to me about it.Must be active on chatbox.
we have a chatbox we will have tournaments and we need gfxers. we help others in need when they need help. our chat box has songs and funny slide shows i will always try to update it more.if i get any gfxers we will have avys and bgs and a new clan symbol.also if u want to gt to higher rank u have to ask me and maybe battle someone this is just my alt acc. i have 2 stronger ones. the tournaments will have prizes.and i will try to give u at a reasonable rank.

Posted on February 5, 2013 at 22:43

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use uchiha member please

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