Discussion: Should the class Unique stay?

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Discussion: Should the class Unique stay?

Monday, November 24, 2008 at 16:50 by gametester

On one hand we want to make the classes easier. On the other hand we want to follow the anime. The class called 'unique' is currently only used for Kakashi's copy and reflect moves. The question is if we need to remove this class or not.

Note that kakashi will be able to copy all moves (or a selection based on the other classes), instead of the skills that are not unique (which is a class just based on the anime). This is NOT a matter of balance. We can always change the skill by letting it only work to ninjutsu and taijutsu skills for example.

We opened up a poll on the main site, and a discussion topic can be found here. Please only vote if you really know what this is about.

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discussion: should the class unique stay?

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