Naruto-Arena forces you to select 3 characters when you start a new game. This page gives you an overview of all characters available in the Naruto-Arena game. Not only can you view each character's skills, you can also discuss the characters by posting comments.

Deidara (S)

A former ninja of the Earth Village and now a junior Akatsuki member, Deidara(s) is able to fuse clay and chakra to create devastating explosives.
Requirement to unlock: Mission: A True Artist

Clay Mold

First use changes Small Explosives into Medium. Second use changes Medium Explosives into Large. Third use changes Large Explosives into Small. This skill is invisible.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required: No Costs
 Classes: Chakra, Instant, Unique

Explosives - Small, Medium, Large

1) Small Explosives deal 15 piercing damage to one enemy and ignores invulnerability.
2) Medium Explosives deal 25 damage to one enemy.
3) Large Explosives deal 20 damage to all enemies.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Instant, Ranged, Unique

Art is a Bang

Deidara makes his last stand, creating a giant explosion he deals 35 damage to all enemies when he dies. This skill may only be used once and is invisible until he dies. This skill becomes C4 when used.
 Cooldown: None
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Instant, Ranged, Unique

Clay Clone

This skill makes Deidara (S) invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Chakra, Instant
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The Sharingan Best Clan recrutando :
um clan que perdeu grandes membros, decaiu bruscamente de level, está tentando se reerguer busca novos membros para atingir esta conquista, aqui vão os requerimentos básicos :
- ter sido pelomenos missing-nin;
- ter tido streak pelomenos +10;
- entrar ao menos 3 vezes na semana ;
- ter mais vitórias do que derrotas ;
- ajuda em missões ;
- equipes para leadder ;
- chatbox;
caso alguém se interessar, envie um PM para mim . obs : se voce for abaixo dos requerimentos pedidos, pode haver exceções , só mandar uma PM [:

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:mad use deidara i need to win 1 more with gaara rehabilitated

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Uchiha Saviors:

Our goal is to give birth to the new Uchiha clan. We will achieve maximum glory, and one day, we will destroy Konoha...

Requirements in order to join:

.At least Chunin. (Unless you reset your account, though, you'll need proof.)

.Have at least a +5 win streak.

.55% win percentage.

.Be online at least 3 times a week.

.Respect other clan members.

If meet the requirements, and would like to join, PM me.

Regards, Evanova

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I need a tam with kisame or itachi, not shippuden, kisame or itachi normal

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que tal, kisame, chiyo s y sakon? o itachi chiyo s y sakon? no tiene que ser obligado sakon y chiyo solo es lo que pienso, que me recomiendan ustedes?

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Estamos Recrutando!:

Bem vindos ao novo tópico de recrutamento do clã The Sky Black!

Para entrar no clan , o player deve passar por duas fases :

1º fase :

Prencha sua ficha de recrutamento com os seguintes dados :

Nick Player:
Hightest Level :
Hightest Streak :
Por qual motivo quer entrar no TSB :
Clans anteriores :
Idade :
Alt Acount :

Obs : A entrada de contas alt no clã é proibida,se descobrirmos que você entrou com uma alt,a mesma será removida imediatamente. Exclusivamente em alguns casos permitiremos a entrada das mesmas.

Requerimentos para In-gamers :

Level Minimo : 31
Streak Mínimo : +20 (Por enquanto!)

Requerimentos para Gfxers :

Hightest Level :
Hightest Streak :
Por qual motivo quer entrar no TSB ? :
Clans Anteriores :
Mostre 5 trabalhos seu :

2º fase :

Você deve jogar uma MD3 , com algum Leader ou Captain do clan , eles irão avaliar você e sua habilidade,não é necessário ganhar e o avaliador irá lhe passar uma Banned Combo List e será sem Full Teams.Esta fase só se aplica para recrutamento de in-gamers!

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 02:37

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Win 12 battles with any Akatsuki Member. (2/12)

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 17:34

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Win 12 battles with any Akatsuki Member. (7/12)

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 17:38

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Win 12 battles with any Akatsuki Member. (10/12)

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 04:07

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Win 12 battles with any Akatsuki Member. (0/12):p
no akatsuki member

Posted on March 29, 2013 at 11:24

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deidara is killer

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