Clan Profile - Rasengan Maniacs (RaMa)

Clan information
Clan name:
Rasengan Maniacs
Abbreviation: RaMa
Creator of Clan: arsenovic
Registered on: June 22, 2009
Naruto Arena Clan Ladder
Experience Points: 17639 xp
Ladder Rank: #681
Wins: 4949
Losses: 4063
Win percentage: 54.92 %


Master Rasengan Maniac

based on Clan Leader
Username Joined date Options
arsenovic June 22, 2009

Shuriken Rasengan Maniac

based on Leader
Username Joined date Options
wucko June 23, 2009

Odama Rasengan Maniacs

based on Captain
Username Joined date Options
xi0n April 8, 2010

Rasengan Student

based on Trial
Username Joined date Options
kastys January 26, 2011

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