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Clan support coming soon

Friday, August 29, 2008 at 14:16 by gametester

Dear members,

Today i would like to officially note that we have been working on clan support during the last week(s). Some time next week, probably around Thursday, we plan on releasing the new feature but most likely without a Clan Ladder yet. We have worked out the system for the clan ladder but i want to be sure the clan member system does not contain any bugs before we release the clan ladder system.

Clan support will have features for clans to set up a profile with links to their important pages, a biography and a clan image/avatar.

Clans will have access to a recruitment page where they can create a list of players they are interested in, and who can then be invited into their clan.

Also there is a clan management page where clan membership can be maintained and ranks can be made to easily structure a clan's members into.

Every player also has a list of clan invitations which he/she can accept or decline.

When the clan system is released there should be no reason to steal existing clan names, only if you are a member of the clan. The clanleader can always be changed later. People that try to take away existing clannames will be banned from Naruto-Arena.

We are looking forward to implementing this long awaited feature.

See you next week! 

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