Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 14:44 by gametester

9/13 Balance Update:
Boosts: Kankuro
Nerfs: Kisame Body Double
(these should be the last until next character release)

Yo players,

After 2 years we finally have a clan ladder with clan system. Over the past week(s) we gave clans the opportunity to invite their members. The clan ladder is now officially released! Clans can finally compete to determine which clan is the strongest on Naruto-Arena.

In the ladders page you will find the clan ranking of the top 1000 clans. In the profiles of the players you will find information about the player's clan. In the clan profiles you will get all information about the clan, including their statistics. After you finish a ladder game you will be noticed about how much experience you have gained/lost for the clan.

Every clan has its own clan experience, level and win/loss ratio. Resetting an account of a member has no influence on a clan's statistics. The higher your personal ladder level is, the more points you can gain/loose for your clan. Additionally, the amount of experience a clan loses from a loss depends on the level of the clan. Higher level clans will loose more experience from a loss. Also note that players which have a rank based on trial member do not count for the clanladder.That's about all the details i can give you for now. 

Go check everything out and have a great clan experience!

Note that we will soon add a clan basics section which explains more about the ladder, and management of a clan. We also might add a clan reset option to reset the clan statistics. The Clan ladder can be discussed here.

It's time for me to fight along with Mark and Luapman to kick your asses for the sake of the Admin Clan :).

Good luck!

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