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Chakra Exchange Proposal B

Monday, September 15, 2008 at 22:28 by gametester
9/17/08 Balance Changes:
(Note: Blame Mark and GT for this, they made me do it! I'm 100% innocent!)
Boosts: Cursed Seal Sasuke (Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu)
Nerfs: Sakon, Cursed Seal Sasuke (Corrupt Chidori), Kisame Body Double

So far the opinion of the community about a chakra exchange system has not been bad. We only see 20% of the players voting against it.

Me and mark reviewed our proposal (Proposal A) and we came to a second proposal (Proposal B): The chakra exchange system would allow players to exchange 5 random chakra for one chakra of the type of their choice.

I will try to explain what the reasoning is behind Proposal B:
Let's say you need 1 taijutsu and you have a chakra equal to 3-0-0-0. With this chakra you would be able to exchange. Meaning, you can exchange already with a minimum of 3 chakra.

Now let's say you need that 1 taijutsu and you have a chakra equal to 2-2-2-0. With this chakra you will still not be able to exchange chakra even though you have 6 chakra. The 7th chakra will always give you that one taijutsu, since you will either get the taijutsu directly, or you will exchange the chakra type which just reached an the needed amount of 3.

Overall, the minimum amount of (random) chakra would be 3; the maximum would be 7.

Now: why not balance this to 5 random chakra instead. Which is exactly between the 3 and 7. It would reduce luck and still be as balanced as proposal A.

When there are no strong arguments against the proposals, we will test the proposal in Private games for a couple days. Please note that the chakra would be instantly exchanged (you do not have to wait a turn till you have this 'choosen' chakra). We also plan on exchanging only one chakra per turn.

We opened a topic HERE, where you can vote for Proposal A, proposal B, or vote against both of the proposals. We are looking forward for your opinions.

Thanks in advance,

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