Buddy List Cap

Friday, June 11, 2010 at 13:33 by gametester

Yoroi: Rework/Nerf (Energy Drain, Draining Assault)
Anko: Rework (All Skills)
Kin: Rework (All Skills)
Rin: Nerf (Pit Trap, Medical Kit)
Shikamaru: Boost (Shadow Bind, Shadow Neck Bind)
Lee(S): Boost/Rework (Konoha Shoufuu)
Konan: Boost (Origami Blanket)


Because some users were misusing the buddy list we have made a cap of 300 buddies to the buddy list. If you currently have more buddies then this number, you are no longer able to add new buddies untill you dropped to 299.

Furthermore some server and forum performance tweaks were done to hopefully increase the speed on naruto-arena.

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buddy list cap

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