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Brand New Shippuuden Characters!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 03:14 by Luapman

Here is a batch of 9 characters all made from submitted designs, and another balance update.

Young Kakashi: Implanted Sharingan (Nerf)
Sandaime: Shiki Fuujin (Boost)
Gaara Rehab: Quicksand Waterfall (Boost), Desert Imperial Funeral (Nerf)

Jiraiya (S) is one of the legendary Sannin that were trained by the third Hokage. Also known as the toad sage, he has been Uzamaki Naruto's teacher for the past few years. Original Design: Maothen

Sennin Jiraiya (S) uses sage chakra to improve his speed, strength, and skills. The only downfall is that it alters his appearance similar to that of a toad and makes him unappealing to women, which makes it a last resort for the pervy sage. Original Design: Ider

Uchiha Sasuke (S) has spent the last 2 years training under Orochimaru. He is now an expert swordsman and has immensely developed his lightning element techniques. His demeanor has also grown very cold and he is one of the most dangerous individuals in the ninja world. Original Designs: Philm and falcovet101
Hozuki Suigetsu (S) is a native of Kirigakure who was once a captive of Orochimaru. He is a dangerous indivdual with unique abilitys and now follows Uchiha Sasuke. Original Design: hwdphg

Karin (S) is a former subordinate of Orochimaru who oversaw one of his secret laboratories. She is a skilled sensor and master of chakra control who now follows Uchiha Sasuke. Original Designs: Penguins and oreacharound

Juugo (S) is the origin of the cursed seal and now follows Sasuke. He can either be a calm natured person or a psychotic lunatic. Original Designs: ZelostheHero and oreacharound

Uchiha Itachi (S) is a member of Akatsuki, and the brother of Uchiha Sasuke. He has mastered the sharingan completely. Original Designs: pacotacobell and hachiman

Konan (S) is a member of Akatsuki and a master of origami ninjutsu, earning her the title God's Angel in Amegakure. Able to turn her body into thick sheets of paper, she is capable of multiple forms of attack. Original Design: oreacharound

One of the Six Paths of Pein, this Path is able to summon a variety of different beasts for different purposes. Original Design: Kostas



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