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Balance Update 3:

Brought to you by your local Luapman.

Firstly, so as to lessen the hordes of angry players there will be full disclosure of actual numbers which balancing is based off of and the subsiquent reasonings for changed to characters.

Secondly, the numbers you will see are based on two things: the ranks of the players and the time frame. The time frame for these numbers are from November, 1, 2006 to January, 2, 2007. The wins and losses for each character are only taken from games in which both players had a rank of 1000 or higher. The purpose of this is to get the biggest sample possible of results from games between players who are assumed to be compitent and fully versed in the strategies of the game.

Thirdly, acceptable win percentages for basic characters are 46% to 53% and 47% to 55% for unlockable characters.

So, here you go:

Matches Won: 3970 (47.99%)
Matches Lost: 4302 (52.01%)

No changes.

Matches Won: 7398 (47.32%)
Matches Lost: 8235 (52.68%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 6108 (46.34%)
Matches Lost: 7074 (53.66%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 5680 (48.94%)
Matches Lost: 5926 (51.06%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 4702 (46.27%)
Matches Lost: 5459 (53.73%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 4629 (50.96%)
Matches Lost: 4454 (49.04%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 4801 (49.38%)
Matches Lost: 4921 (50.62%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 4482 (49.99%)
Matches Lost: 4484 (50.01%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 4094 (45.17%)
Matches Lost: 4970 (54.83%)

Double Headed Wolf now heals Kiba 5 health per round. A small boost to increase his survivability.

Matches Won: 3936 (54.19%)
Matches Lost: 3328 (45.81%)

Attack of the Eight Triagrams 64 Palms has been reduced to 25 damage. Just a minor nerf that doesn’t affect her main purpose.

Matches Won: 3259 (52.83%)
Matches Lost: 2910 (47.17%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 5704 (47.3%)
Matches Lost: 6355 (52.7%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 8224 (50%)
Matches Lost: 8224 (50%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 2057 (50.35%)
Matches Lost: 2028 (49.65%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 2537 (41.93%)
Matches Lost: 3513 (58.07%)

The cost of Meat Tank is now one Bloodline. This may or may not have a large effect but it does make Chouji potentially have the best damage to cost ratio.

Matches Won: 10457 (49.92%)
Matches Lost: 10489 (50.08%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 5204 (62.41%)
Matches Lost: 3135 (37.59%)

Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness now only steals one chakra and destroys another. Having played Jiroubou extensively myself, I can say with certainty that his attacks are not the reason for his success.

Matches Won: 964 (44.67%)
Matches Lost: 1194 (55.33%)

Golden Arrow is back to 50 damage. A small damage boost since I did not want to change his costs or cooldowns.

Matches Won: 1552 (50.95%)
Matches Lost: 1494 (49.05%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 950 (48.3%)
Matches Lost: 1017 (51.7%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 7478 (53.27%)
Matches Lost: 6560 (46.73%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 6117 (58.01%)
Matches Lost: 4428 (41.99%)

Each of Kimimaro’s attacks does an additional 5 damage to himself, so now 25, 20, and 10 damage respectively. I did not want to affect the massive damage that he is capable of, but the self-destructive aspect of Kimimaro is clearly not high enough.

Matches Won: 2664 (49.79%)
Matches Lost: 2687 (50.21%)

No Changes.

Matches Won: 2900 (52.07%)
Matches Lost: 2669 (47.93%)

No Changes.

Let the angry hordes march!!!

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