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Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 05:04 by Spirit_in_Black

Hey guys,

So, today we are releasing the next batch of optimized characters. To re-iterate again. Optimization includes optimizing their internal code, balancing them, reworking them (if need be), updating their pictures and updating/fixing their missions (if need be). So today, every character from Hayate to Yondaime Minato has been optimized.

Additionally, we would like to remind you that we have no official timeframes for balances or optimization batches. Generally, Sundays work well for us because that's when we have free time. However, we are neither constrained nor compelled to do anything on Sundays, compared to say, Saturday or Monday. Or the week after. So if it takes us a bit longer to get something done, you should trust us that the reason for it is because it's not ready. We release balances when they are ready, not because it's Sunday. 


  • Boosts: Ino, Baki.
  • Nerfs: Tenten
  • Reworks, both Minor and Major: Gekko Hayate, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade, ET Senju Hashirama, ET Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Yondaime Minato.
Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

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