Naruto-Arena forces you to select 3 characters when you start a new game. This page gives you an overview of all characters available in the Naruto-Arena game. Not only can you view each character's skills, you can also discuss the characters by posting comments.

Aburame Shino

A Genin from Team 8, Shino is the successor of the Aburame clan, and a very reserved and tactical fighter. Using the bugs that live inside his body, Shino is able to leech the chakra off his enemies, or protect his entire team.
Requirement to unlock: No requirements

Chakra Leech

Shino directs his chakra draining bugs to attack one enemy dealing 20 affliction damage and steals 1 random chakra.
 Cooldown: 1
Chakra required:
 Classes: Affliction, Ranged, Unique, Instant

Female Bug

Shino directs one of his female bugs to attach itself to one enemy. For 4 turns, new non-affliction damage that enemy deals is reduced by 5 points. During this time, 'Chakra Leech' will deal 5 additional damage to them. These effects stack and ends when Shino dies.
 Cooldown: 1
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Ranged, Unique, Instant

Bug Wall

Shino sends millions of bugs to create a wall around his team, making them gain 15 points of destructible defense.
 Cooldown: 3
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Unique, Instant

Shino Hide

This skill makes Aburame Shino invulnerable for 1 turn.
 Cooldown: 4
Chakra required:
 Classes: Physical, Instant
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Hi all you naruto-arena players out there if you are looking for a good clan to join look.

My clan is called roaring flames and has no requirements to join.

So if anyone is interested message me and i'll send the invitation.

Posted on March 21, 2013 at 00:36

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Hello everyone, are you looking for a clan to join? A place to have fun at? Then look no further. Aspiration is a clan created for people who want a place to stay, to make new friends and to enjoy the game with. We are currently ranked 42 on the clan ladders, and are looking for all sorts of players to aim for the top together. If you believe you aren’t strong enough, then train with us. If you believe you are too strong, then be our pillar of strength. :cool Either way, we truly hope the clan can be a fun, chill place for all members. So it is very crucial you stay active with us and participate in clan events! We have a place for both competitive and casual players :smile

Why join us?
-Free pressure zone: We won’t make you ladder or reset your stats. You can choose to do whatever you wish. Just be sure to stay active with the clan!
-Clan events: We have clan tournaments which are regularly hosted each week. These events are made for members who want to battle each other and wish to improve on their skills.
-Point System/Individual Ladder: The point system/individual ladder system are two major features in clan we use to recognize great in-gamers and members who contribute in clan. This will be implemented once we have a good base of active members, so join us now!
-Graphics: Clan avatars/sigs will be made for you if you want to wear one :smile
-Website and Forum: A clan website and forum is created for you to use. The website and forum will include upcoming clan event schedules, clan wars check often!
-Chatbox: Most important feature in a clan! Or at least I think it is :P. Anyway, we got a clan chatbox for members to get to know each other, PB, have some fun. Do come and visit us even if you are in a clan already, we don’t mind new visitors!
-Friendly members:That is right! Our friendly members here will help you out with anything you have trouble with whether it is with in-gaming or something completely non-game related. We are always here for you. We care for all the members in clan!

In order to show us you do know the basics of the game and have the interest to improve during your stay with the clan, you must attain at least:

-A highest level of 31
-A highest streak of +13
-An average win ratio of 65%+

If you don’t meet our requirements but are still very interested in joining our clan, do please contact us!

With all that being said, we hope to bring a great clan experience to you. If you would like to join please send me a pm and drop by our chat :smile

Chatbox <--- click
Website <--- click (Internet Explorer is not recommended to view our website >.>)

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come to swapping where you can swap for characters recomended jounnin -sannin

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Estamos Recrutando!:

Bem vindos ao novo tópico de recrutamento do clã The Sky Black!

Para entrar no clan , o player deve passar por duas fases :

1º fase :

Prencha sua ficha de recrutamento com os seguintes dados :

Nick Player:
Hightest Level :
Hightest Streak :
Por qual motivo quer entrar no TSB :
Clans anteriores :
Idade :
Alt Acount :

Obs : A entrada de contas alt no clã é proibida,se descobrirmos que você entrou com uma alt,a mesma será removida imediatamente. Exclusivamente em alguns casos permitiremos a entrada das mesmas.

Requerimentos para In-gamers :

Level Minimo : 31
Streak Mínimo : +20 (Por enquanto!)

Requerimentos para Gfxers :

Hightest Level :
Hightest Streak :
Por qual motivo quer entrar no TSB ? :
Clans Anteriores :
Mostre 5 trabalhos seu :

2º fase :

Você deve jogar uma MD3 , com algum Leader ou Captain do clan , eles irão avaliar você e sua habilidade,não é necessário ganhar e o avaliador irá lhe passar uma Banned Combo List e será sem Full Teams.Esta fase só se aplica para recrutamento de in-gamers!

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 18:27

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Looking For a new clan? look no further!!

Only one requirement:
Have a win ratio of atlease 60%

Send me a private message saying your interested in becomeing a Lask King(s)

Posted on March 30, 2013 at 19:02

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Hey there!
We are Mount Myoboku, the clan which will become rank 1 in the world one day! It is a bit old and it was dead. Now we, JimmysDem, Jg4879 and Rumzy08 are trying to make it alive again!
Information about leaders:
JimmysDem: A person who is addicted to computers and especially in naruto arena. He got hacked 3 times (1 time he was sannin and 2 times laddering to sannin). He made another acc now. He is from Cyprus.
Jg4879: A person who is a bit busy with school work. He is a sannin. Now he comes more often (in the summer he will be very active) and he will do everything for his clan. He is from United Kingdom.
Rumzy08: Despites his highest level is missing nin, he owns kage996 too which has highest level of 26 (jounin). He is a bit busy with school work too but he is doing everything he can for his clan! He is from United Kingdom too, like Jg4879.
I hope you want to join!
Private message to JimmysDem if you want to join (he is the most active lol). We hope you will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 01:52

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curse of jashi wrote:
[url= ]http:// [/url]
oi galera,estou aqui para fazer um convite especial. Eu fiz um clan o nome dele é !! CURSE OF JASHI!! ele ainda é novo mais com ajuda de vocês vai creser e um dia ser uns dos melhores do rank e do mundo mais para que isso aconteça precisamos de vocês amigos.para entra você so precisa disso.

Nick Player:
Hightest Level :
Hightest Streak :
Por qual motivo quer entrar no CURSE OF JASHI :
Clans anteriores :
Idade :
Alt Acount :

Level Minimo : 21
Streak Mínimo : +12 (Por enquanto!)

*OBSERVAÇAO : se você não tiver os requirimentos Você deve jogar uma melhor de 3 , com algum Leader ou Captain do clan , eles irão avaliar você e sua habilidade,não é necessário ganhar e o avaliador irá lhe passar uma Banned ou lhe colocar em rank de recuperaçao!


Hightest Level :
Hightest Streak :
Por qual motivo quer entrar no CURSE OF JASHIN ? :
Clans Anteriores :
Mostre 5 trabalhos seu :

*avatares personalizados*
*dicas de equipes*
*dicas para ladder*
*dicas para missão*

*Custom Backgrounds personalizados*
*Torneios internos(membros vs membros)*
*toneios externos(clan vs clan )*
*war(guerra de clans contra clans)
*treinos por private*

*INTERESADO mande um pm para morcego1 ou para -hozuki-. MUITO OBRIGADO PELA A ATENÇAO.

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 14:08

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The Greatest Mafia Family Of All Time is recruiting again. We need your help to get this clan to the ladder ranks. We are really close and we should be there within two weeks. But we want to be better so we need your help to join!

MIssion help
clan wars and tournaments
streak help
ladder help
friendly members

Highest streak must be +10
winning percentage must be 55%
Must be loyal and active
Must have a highest level of 26

Additional info
We will strive to be the best clan in na. We already have some gfxers but we need more. If you are a g fxer pm/message me and show me your work and you will be automatically accepted regardless of your ratio, streak, or highest level.

La familia más grande de la mafia de todos los tiempos está reclutando de nuevo. Necesitamos tu ayuda para conseguir este clan a las filas de escalera. Estamos muy cerca y hay que estar allí dentro de dos semanas. Pero queremos estar mejor, así que necesitamos su ayuda para participar!

misión de ayuda
Clan Wars y torneos
racha de ayuda
escalera de ayuda
miembros amigos

Mejor racha debe ser 10
ganando porcentaje debe ser del 55%
Debe ser leal y activo
Debe tener un alto nivel de 26

Otros detalles
Nos esforzamos por ser el mejor clan en na. Ya tenemos algunos gfxers pero necesitamos más. Si usted es ag fxer pm / mensaje y muéstrame tu trabajo y te será automáticamente aceptada, independientemente de su relación, veta, o el más alto nivel.

Posted on April 6, 2013 at 13:37

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Is his Bug Wall bugged? This guy I just dueled used it 3 times in a row. Wasn't there supposed to be a cooldown to using it? What the heck?!

Posted on April 6, 2013 at 19:32

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The Clan Castle of Shadows is recruiting. I am the Clan Leader. Our goal is to be the best clan in all of Naruto Arena. This clan is level 29 right now. We are currently ladder ranked 458 I have 57 members currently.

Current way to enter
To enter and get a Rank, you must be or have been Anbu and must be no lower than Level 20 However, all are welcome, From Academey Student and up. You also must keep a win percentage of 45 or higher. If you fall below 45% you will be moved to Trial Rank (if not already there) and have a week to improve it or you will be removed from the clan. Upon entry into clan, you will be given a name depending on your current rank and win percentage. If your ratio persists and keeps getter better and as you get a decent streak (that will be discussed by the knights), you can achieve a higher ranking. If you at anytime reset your account, please notify me. This allows you to keep your current rank in the clan, instead of going to trial rank. If you are asked for help with a mission or leveling, please give the team you believe to be best and give the strategy. If you wish to join, please pm kisabak, Orochimaru23, wheelman345, Silv3rShadow or Freukes. Anyone is welcome to join. If you ever need help at anytime for a mission or are just trying to move up in level/rank, you can pm me, kisabak, Orochimaru23, wheelman345, Silv3rShadow. Silv3rShadow and the rest are very good when it comes to making teams. You must be online and on the clan chat at least twice a week. We want loyal, active, serious members. If a week has gone by and you have not been online or on the chat, you will be moved down to trial Rank. If a month goes by and you still have not played, you will be knocked out of the clan. If a month has gone by and you have not been on chat, you will sent a pm to be active or you will be kicked out in the next 7 days following that pm. If for some reason, you will not be able to be on for a week or more, please let me know or have someone else let me know. Doing so will allow you to keep your rank. Also, to help keep up the Ladder Rank of this clan, when I find out that you have a negative streak of 2 or more, you will be moved to trial rank and have to get a positive streak of the same number equal to the negative streak or higher, to be restored to your Rank. If you disrespect me or a member of the clan and I find out, You will be dropped to Trial Rank. If you are disrespectful again and I find out about it, you will be kicked out, with no chance of getting back in. I take great care about all members. They are all my friends. When someone says something to you or asks something of you that you don't want to do or agree with, please come to me and tell me about it. I will make a decision after I get both sides of the story.

We have two chat sites, Clan Tournaments, Loads of teams, and friendly members.

Posted on April 6, 2013 at 19:33

Posts: 89
Herin determines your rank long as your win percentage and current streak is high enough when you join, this will be your Rank is when you join.
Under 45%, or Acemedy student /Genin reset without telling me you reset your account
Legion Trainee = Trial Rank.

Chuunin = Shadow Soldier.

Missing-Nin = Legion Trainer

Anbu or Jounin = Legion Master which is Captain Level 1

Sannin or Jinchuuriki = Legion General which is Captain Level 2

Akatsuki or Kage = Elite Shadows which is Captain Level 3

Elite Shadow Legions = Special Cases only. Pm an Elite Shadow Knight to find out.

Elite Shadow Streakers = Special Cases only. Pm an Elite Shadow Knight to find out.

Anbu or Higher = Elite General: Special Cases only. Pm me to find out.

Anbu or Higher = Elite Shadow Knight Special Cases only. Pm me to find out.

For all other questions about the clan, please pm me, Freukes.

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 09:42

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It's a clash with Naruto and bleach I can help with missions and ranking up !
Once you enter you will first be put in trial which is your preference either Shino academy or ninja academy then you move up gennin chunnin then the anbu rank is "anbu" :) when you make jounin you will be put In a division 1-13 like in bleach of your preference but not 1 and 13 those are for the higher ups and there will be a captain rank for every division for captain you must be sannin at least the first 13 Sannins to join me will be a captain but must be super active commit to the clan and also be responsible for THIER division . So come on and join hope we can be #1😜

Here are the ranks below pm maxlau

Soul King Clan Leader 1 Members

General Captain Commander Leader

Hokage Leader

Captain of the 10th division Captain

Captain of the 11th division Captain

Captain of the 12th division Captain

Captain of the 13th division Captain

Captain of the 1st division Captain

Captain of the 2nd division Captain

Captain of the 3rd division Captain

Captain of the 4th division Captain

Captain of the 5th division Captain

Captain of the 6th division Captain

Captain of the 7th division Captain

Captain of the 8th division Captain

Captain of the 9th division Captain

!Bankai shinigami! Member

!Legendary Sannin! Member

10th division Member 0

11th division Member

12th division Member

13th division Member

1st division Member

2nd division Member

3rd division Member

4th division

5th division Member

6th division Member

7th division Member

8th division Member

9th division Member

Anbu Trial

Chunnin Trial

Gennin Trial

Ninja academy Trial

Shino academy Trial

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