A matter of snakes, foxes, and logs

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A matter of snakes, foxes, and logs

Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 11:52 by Luapman

The next batch of characters from Shippuuden are here! Say hello to Yamato, Four Tails, and Orochimaru (S).  All three require you to finish their respective missions to be used.

Yamato (S) is a member of ANBU whose real name is unknown. Given the code name Yamato by Tsunade for this mission, he is tasked to lead Team 7 while Kakashi recovers.


Orochimaru returns, strong as ever and with some new tricks up his sleeve. But his body seems to be on borrowed time.


Naruto, after giving into his rage and manifesting a fourth tail ceases to be himself. In this state Naruto becomes a mindless being of rage and destruction but the price is his own life.


OK. Balance Change 11/16/08:
Nerfs: Kin
Boosts: Zabuza, Shigure, Yoroi


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a matter of snakes, foxes, and logs

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