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It has been two months since the major update and things are going well. I have had it in the back of my mind to release a single character for you guys since that update to keep things active so that is what I am doing. Given the time of year and the holiday that some of you may or may not be observing I thought a resurrection theme would be appropriate. I know there has been alot of Edo Tensei characters released recently and some of you are anxious for something else so I went in another direction. I have had this character ready to go for over two and a half years he was created for the original mega charcater batch from December of 2010 but missed the cut. Good luck unlocking him everyone and as always thank you for your continued support of Naruto Arena!!!!!


Utakata (S) is a missing nin from the Hidden Mist Village and the jinchuuriki for the six tailed slug Rokubi. A distant person most of the time Utakata (S) is a kind shinobi who uses bubble line ninjutsu in many ways.

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quem da conta pf senha

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como eu fasso pra escolher outros persongens d naruto arena

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como joga?

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i do not get it

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alguem sabe uma equipe boa com ele?=anyone know a good the with hin?:sad

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Pessoal kem kiser minha conta tem q morar no rio todos os caracter liberado por 50 reais nao kero mais jogar

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I knew that.... (Not really)

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