Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 07:28 by Luapman

Update 9/13: Boosts to: Jiraiya. (Sorry, I forgot to update the main page yesterday.)

Update 9/03: Boosts to: Demon Brothers. Reworks to: Kurenai. (This should be the last set of balance changes for awhile.)

Update 9/01: Nerfs to: Nidaime, Demon Brothers. Boosts to: Naruto, Jiraiya. Reworks to: Kurenai.

Update 8/30: Minor Reworks to: Jiraiya, Nidaime, Anko, and Demon Brothers.

Update 8/27: Nerfs to: Jiraiya, the Demon Brothers. Boosts to: Anko.

Update 8/24: Nerfs to: Jiraiya, The Demon Brothers, and Oboro. Boosts to: Iruka.

Sorry they are about in hour or so late. So with no further adieu I present the characters from the competetion (yes, not all the skills are EXACTLY the same).

Umino Iruka : A solid support character who can reduce the defence of an enemy and protect his team mates. His mission can be found in B Rank Missions


The Demon Brothers : A 2 in 1 character capable of average damage output and a prepped instant kill. Their mission can be found in B Rank Missions.


Shigure : A preparation based character who can do solid area-effect and single target damage for cheap random chakra costs. His mission can be found in D and C Rank Missions.


Oboro : A primarily genjutsu using character, he can indespensable in both a support role and a main-line attacker. His mission can be found in D and C Rank Missions.

We hope you enjoy the new characters!

The Naruto-Arena Staff,

Gametester, Mark, and Luapman 

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byakugan and sharingan together

Posted on October 6, 2008 at 21:06

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mongakyo sharingan

Posted on October 8, 2008 at 20:25

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soi de

Posted on October 9, 2008 at 08:36

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Hey this clan is meant for the true N-A fans.This clan is newly created so it may take some time to establish this clan.......................................that is creating the websites and all.
However if anyone wants to join you can PM me on my Naruto Arena user-id which is uchiha_sasuke503 or you can e-mail me on
--Here are the requirements to be able to join the clan:
--At least 3 characters unlocked.
--Highest level reached should be at least Chunnin,
--Highest streak should be at least +5
Exceptions are such cases send me your best stats
Here are the benefits which you will receive:
--Advice from other clan members.
--Weekly intra-clan tournaments.
--A clan website(about to be released shortly).
--A clan forum.
--A chat box.
Here are the rules for the clan:
--No spamming or hacking.
--No encouraging fights between clan members.
--No cursing or swearing.
--Respect the clan members.
--Do not over flood the forums.
Hope you have fun in the clan.Enjoy yourself.
Do contact me in case of any problems or if you want to get yourself recruted on the above mentioned places.
Thank you.

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its called mangekyou sharingan:suspicious

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can i join a clan but the members should be from de la salle zobel school:sad

Posted on October 14, 2008 at 09:04

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i like

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