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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 07:28 by Luapman

Update 9/13: Boosts to: Jiraiya. (Sorry, I forgot to update the main page yesterday.)

Update 9/03: Boosts to: Demon Brothers. Reworks to: Kurenai. (This should be the last set of balance changes for awhile.)

Update 9/01: Nerfs to: Nidaime, Demon Brothers. Boosts to: Naruto, Jiraiya. Reworks to: Kurenai.

Update 8/30: Minor Reworks to: Jiraiya, Nidaime, Anko, and Demon Brothers.

Update 8/27: Nerfs to: Jiraiya, the Demon Brothers. Boosts to: Anko.

Update 8/24: Nerfs to: Jiraiya, The Demon Brothers, and Oboro. Boosts to: Iruka.

Sorry they are about in hour or so late. So with no further adieu I present the characters from the competetion (yes, not all the skills are EXACTLY the same).

Umino Iruka : A solid support character who can reduce the defence of an enemy and protect his team mates. His mission can be found in B Rank Missions


The Demon Brothers : A 2 in 1 character capable of average damage output and a prepped instant kill. Their mission can be found in B Rank Missions.


Shigure : A preparation based character who can do solid area-effect and single target damage for cheap random chakra costs. His mission can be found in D and C Rank Missions.


Oboro : A primarily genjutsu using character, he can indespensable in both a support role and a main-line attacker. His mission can be found in D and C Rank Missions.

We hope you enjoy the new characters!

The Naruto-Arena Staff,

Gametester, Mark, and Luapman 

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