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Balance 1.1.7 + Optimization
Monday, December 15, 2014 at 05:51 by Kostas


Hey guys, we did a small hotfix of some of the characters to kind of the cut them off before they get too silly. 

 Details on balance changes can be found >here<.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Hyuuga Neji's Byakugan Insight not having the class of unique.
  • Tsurugi Misumi's Tighten Joints is now able to end Gaara's Sand Clone.
  • Uchiha Itachi's Amaterasu can now be reflected.
  • Sakura (S)'s Superior Healing will now end properly.
  • Sakura (S)'s Superior Healing will now remove afflictions.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Lightning Beast Fang's stun effect will now properly go through invulnerability.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Kakashi Kamui not having the class of unique.
  • Kakashi (S)'s Team Tactics not having the class of mental.
  • Ten-Ten (S)'s Heavenly Chain Disaster can now be properly interacted with.
  • Maito Gai (S)'s Nunchaku Taijutsu will now end properly.
  • Nii Yugito (S)'s Spectral Fireball will no longer reduce affliction skills.
  • Atsui (S)'s Kenjutsu Fire Release not having the class of unique.
  • Zetsu (S)'s Parasite Clone is now properly considered harmful. It was helpful.
  • Fixed skills that stun will now be properly stunned by skills that stun stuns. (Tongue Twister!)
Spirit in Black

Alright guys, it's time for the next batch of characters to optimize. You know the drill. We have optimized pictures, skills, effects, profiles and missions of the next 9 characters. We also did a small balance and in addition released a new character. So have at it.

Special shout-out to Sorina by the way who does the pictures for all the batches. Thought we should thank her for once. If you like the pictures, send her some gratitude. If you don't, then PM Spirit_in_Black instead. 

Uzumaki Kushina

The mother of Uzumaki Naruto, wife to Minato and once the jinchuriki to the nine-tailed fox; Kushina is a kindred and loving woman with a stubborn and headstrong side that often flairs up. Kushina specializes in unique sealing and barrier techniques that can hinder and disable even the strongest of enemies. 


Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

Balance 1.1.6
Monday, November 24, 2014 at 02:15 by Kostas

Edit: Hey guys, just wanted to mention I did a real quick change on CSS, just because I wanted to nip this in the bud before it became stupid. Still an overall buff from how he was earlier. 

Hey, guys. So just a small balance this week to cut down the main issues with balance this week. Mainly Rock Lee and Itachi. If the nerfs weren't enough, they will be nerfed again quickly.


Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

Balance 1.1.5, Update, News, Etc
Monday, November 3, 2014 at 01:44 by Kostas

Edit: As a note, if you can't see the new pictures, clear the cookies and temporary internet files of your browser. If you are unsure how to do that, google should be able to guide you through it. 


Heya there folks, let's dive right into business.

1. What happened the last like 4 months?

We had technical issues. A whole ton of them with the major one being that the Admin Panel we utilize for balance changes, character additions, pics, missions, bla bla bla was locked out for us Admins. That meant, we couldn't even make a news post. We made note of this before in the forums, but the fact was we couldn't do anything. Why was the Admin Panel locked? Several different reasons that I won't go into, but the only person that could have fixed it was GT, the Webmaster and Owner of N-A, S-A and WoN. So everything happened on his time table, and it did, just earlier this week. Yesterday some people might have noticed we did some early work on missions and typos and junk, but now we did the entire thing.

2. What does this mean going forward?

Barring anymore similar issues happening, nothing. It means we will do what we kept doing prior to this with balances, optimizations, new characters, etc etc etc. We have access to the Admin Panel now, and hope to keep it.

3. What was changed today?

Glad you asked. We did a balance on several characters, optimizations on the last pre-Shippuden characters, mission changes, and pic updates. Needless to say, if we made any errors due to rust, we will swiftly fix them.


Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 18:25 by Kostas

So, another quick and dirty hotfix. This time on only two characters who remain annoying. This should fix them mostly, but we are open to further changes.

As a note, so you guys understand how we operate. When it comes to changes like this, we purposely take it slowly. We'd rather do 2 or 3 small changes than 1 giant one, because there is less chance of messing up and overnerfing a character. Despite this method taking a few days longer than otherwise, we do tend to prefer this method. 


Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

Balance 1.1.4
Friday, June 27, 2014 at 01:15 by Kostas

Hey guys,

So we are doing a quick hotfix on 4 of the characters. As a note, we sort of reset their individual stats (we do this to see how the rest of the characters are without their influence in their own stats) and sort of didn't save them. But all 4 characters were above 60%, with Hashirama at the top. 


Details on balance changes can be found >here<.
Additionally, you may discuss the balances in this section >here<. 

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